First of 3 New Clips

Posted by on April 16, 2018

I recorded 3 clips when I went out on 4/13 (see blog entry). In case you want to save your money for your favorite, there is one where I attempt lying on a sheet of plastic on top of the mud and sink with the plastic wrapping around me and getting tangles in my legs. There is this one, where I just jump into the mud and pleasure myself loudly. Finally, there is the one where I wrap myself in the muddy plastic, which is a short clip, but it’s really interesting.

Okay, so in this one, I just jump in, grab my package, and slowly sink up to my nipples while I moan loudly and thrust my hips in the thick mud. I do, eventually surface and show off my muddy body before I crawl out.

I got aroused while editing this clip because the audio is somewhat infectious. You can’t see much as I get closer and closer to orgasm, but I don’t hide my enthusiasm. There was a lot of wind, but the wind noise doesn’t obscure my happy sounds.

If you go to my store via this link before May 31, I’ll get a larger commission on whatever you purchase. After May 31, use the direct link to go directly to the clip.

Direct link to clip on C4S: The Joy of Thick Mud, 2018-04-13

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  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,thanks for the new mud video.Nice to start with a supple jump and plunged in the mud.At the same time crotch deep in the dick black mud.Very nice wearing a red low rise brief with a nep zipp.
    The addition of the kind of rope round ur middle give a very sexy accent.The way of ur slow sinking in the mud is wonderful,till ur tits also get dirty.
    The heavy moaning indicates there is hard work down in the mud,bringing ur horny feelings to the top.
    There are some close ups,I love special the very close up near the end of the vid.My monitor in ful screen mudus and your muddy bod and bulge are so near then,that I have the intention to grab ur muddy bulge..

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Hennie. You have the new 4K camera to thank for the close-ups. By shooting in 4K, I can zoom in on the frame without losing sharpness.

      Warm regards,

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