Friday the 13th Swamp Adventure

Posted by on April 14, 2018

I was really busy, yesterday. By the time I got to the swamp, the tide was already very low. I was worried I wouldn’t have much time to play, and I had an idea I wanted to explore.

My great idea was that I’d lay this sheet of plastic over the mud and climb into the middle of it. That didn’t go as planned. The wind didn’t cooperate, and the plastic was too thin, so my feet broke through when I pushed my feet down. I was hoping the plastic would wrap around me as I sunk.

After I finished entertaining a sheet of thin plastic sheeting in the thick mud, I shot a more conventional mud session. I was worried that the gusty wind was going to destroy my audio, but my wind screen worked pretty well to muffle the wind noise.

The mud is still cold, so I couldn’t play in it like I would in the summer. I did enjoy 2 sessions that lasted around 15 minutes before I decided I’d better rinse the thick mud off my plastic sheet, so I could take it home and dispose of it. That gave me another idea. I would drag the muddy mass of plastic sheeting across the mud, then I would wrap myself in it for some crazy alien cocoon effect.

Getting wrapped up in the muddy plastic turned out to be a pretty good idea, albeit a dangerous one. I enjoyed my struggle, rolling in the plastic sheeting and trying not to cut off my oxygen supply for too long.

And finally, I managed to get some video of an alligator on my way back. Generally, they don’t give me time to get to my camera, but I had encountered this one on my way out, and he must have decided I wasn’t much of a threat.

There will be videos coming soon. It was a very nice day, in spite of the gusty wind, and I had a good time getting really messy.

3 Responses to Friday the 13th Swamp Adventure

  1. Hennie Frans

    Your first pic on the right side is wunderful.Love the total muddy body and muddy bulge in red brief.
    The croc has happy no intrest in you?

  2. Hennie Frans

    Can you unzipp the red brief,very hot wearing in the mud.

    • mudbondage

      The zipper on the red brief is only decoration. There is a lining behind it.

      Alligators don’t eat people. If they did, I would have been eaten a long time ago.