Spring is Here!

Posted by on March 20, 2018

Yesterday, and most of today, the weather was quite pleasant. However, as I write this, there is a cold front moving in, so we’re back to the cool, windy weather we expect from March. At least it’s now officially spring!

So, I did some maintenance on the new mudpit in the woods, yesterday. I made a short video of me, moving mud and stirring the pit. I added the video to the video teasers page. Direct Link

Today we shot a scene in the mudpit. Things did not go perfectly, but the video looks pretty good. I really love my new camera, and my new camera operator is getting better with each shoot. Also, I polished the latex right before we started, and I love super shiny latex!

This is turning out to be a busy week, so you’ll have to get by with the free clips I’ve uploaded and these teaser images from the new clip. I’m expecting cold weather all week and I’ve got a lot of work in the office. I hope everyone is well.

2 Responses to Spring is Here!

  1. Hennie Frans

    Your have such sexy look wearing your shiny latex brief.Nice pic standing in mud pit.