New Free Content

Posted by on March 18, 2018

Posing in the woods

All of the new free videos are now on-line. I put them on the Video Teasers page.

  1. 2018-02-24 Coming Out-take is the muddy escape video from Feb 24’s death-by-quicksand scene
  2. 2018-03-16 Scouting from a Tree is a silly clip of me, in the woods and climbing a tree
  3. 2018-03-17 Dressed to Kill is a test video I made while experimenting with the autofocus on my AG-DVX200.

That’s all for now. I hope someone enjoys them. I had fun making them.

3 Responses to New Free Content

  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,the teaser “Coming Out”is exciting.Already often watched it.Indeed it teasing the last few seconds how you leave with ur total muddy body the mud hole.Should like to download it.

  2. Hennie Frans

    Hi,many thanks for the link,download succes.Enjoy the short vid,in full screen…man what a muddy body and gear.