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Posted by on March 18, 2018

I have not been back out to the mud, but I haven’t been stuck in the office, either. A few days ago, I went into the woods to shoot some video and tie myself to some trees. On that trip, I made a short video of me, climbing a tree. Yesterday, I decided I wanted to experiment with the auto focus on my new camera, so I shot a video I named “Dressed to Kill”. For those of you who do not enjoy watching me prance around in my panties without getting muddy, I edited a short clip from my February 24th trip that I called “Coming Out-take”, because it’s just the segment of the video where I am emerging from the mud after my “A Muddy End” clip.

So, here is the “Dressed to Kill” clip from yesterday (because it’s the first one I got ready for web publication). The other 2 should be on-line soon.

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