Unseasonably Warm Weather

Posted by on February 21, 2018

Well, it hit 27C (81F), today. I think I got a little sunburn. This weather does not feel like February. I offered to help a friend with a deep-water recovery operation this morning, so I arrived at my creek a little late for low tide.

I started out my day in my wetsuit, since I was going to be searching in cold water. Once I finished that, though, I was ready to strip off the restrictive suit and get down to my speedos. As much as I love my wetsuit for what it does, it is encumbering when I don’t need it.

After I visited the spot in which I wanted to get immersed and ascertained that the tide was already too high for that spot, I set out for my wooded location to mess around as long as I could. Even though my deep sinking spots were all under water, I still had muddy places where I could tie myself up and get mired down.

After a short walk through a woods with uncertain footing and lots of trees to duck under, I came to a familiar spot where there is a cedar tree lying horizontally on the surface of the mud that I have never been able to budge, so it makes a great anchor point for bondage.

This might be a good time to mention that I’m not going to be releasing any video from this trip, because it’s all pretty boring. Therefore, I’m inserting 10 frames from the various scenes in this blog entry for those who like pictures.

My self-bondage play consisted mostly of my struggling in various positions with my genitals tied to that horizontal cedar tree. It’s fun for me to imagine being restrained like that, perpetually tugging on my sensitive parts while trying to escape.

After tying and retying myself a few times and working myself into several different positions, I decided I’d better get cleaned up and get back to the office. I had been gone since early in the morning.

These final images are from my cleanup in the creek.

My plan is to get back out to the swamp in the next few days, during low tide, so I can do a real sink. I am of the opinion that I can get completely immersed in the mud, because the temperatures are quite tolerable, and the air temperatures are expected to be very warm during the day, with lots of warm sunshine.

3 Responses to Unseasonably Warm Weather

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Ii’m so envious of you…unseasonable warm weather and opportunities for some mud adventures. And, here we continue with the drought…and a blast of very cold air from Canada to boot.

    Looking forward to your next video…and these photos are great, especially frame 5…what a sexy, erotic picture. Thanks.

    • mudbondage

      I’ve really been having too much fun, lately.

      • Dolphin

        Hello Doug…

        Good for you…if you’re have lots of fun, then we, the loyal Mudlover fans, will be having lots of viewing fun.