Expedition Video

Posted by on November 26, 2017

So, today I suited up in lots of neoprene (wetsuit) and paddled my kayak as far as I could before I had to get out and drag the boat. I didn’t start shooting video until I was jumping out of the boat, into the mud and I stopped shooting when the water got too deep. The 9 minute video covers about 2 hours of slogging, hiking, hacking and partially swimming. Some of the best scenes never manage to get on camera. I hope you enjoy the bits I did manage to record.

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  1. nakedbuffbody

    wholly crap that first step a good one. One thing for sure if you were looking for a good work out, you found it there. Wish I had channels like that around me. Nothing would get done around the house, be out jacking off in the mud. Glad to see you out and about. Take advantage of this crazy warm weather while you can mate. Would wonder how you would have got out of that place with out the kayak as leverage.

    • mudbondage

      Without the kayak, I’d just sink deeper and have to sprawl across the mud and move like an alligator. When the tide is low enough to expose that mud, I’ll be happy to take a swim in it.

      I would have gone out, yesterday, if I wasn’t tied up with work.

      p.s. those channels were carved decades ago in an effort to drain the swamp (we know how that usually turns out), to fight mosquitoes. It didn’t work, but now the White Oak River is surrounded by these straight, deep channels that have all back-filled with silt. They are wonderfully treacherous!

  2. Hennie Frans

    Nice explanation the history of these channels,I confirm with nakedbuffbody to have such channals
    around me.Hot to explore this silty mud wearing tight, small underwear.

    • mudbondage

      I do have lots of places to play in mud, here. That’s the primary reason I live where I live. I don’t go to the White Oak often, because it is a 20km drive (one way) and they’ve blocked most of the places where I can launch my boat. The one place I have left that is pretty close to those spots charges a $5 launch/parking fee.

      It can be fun to explore new places, from time-to-time. However, I have some great spots that are just a few km from home and where I can still launch without paying.

      What I have been planning for the White Oak is possibly an overnight camping trip when I can take advantage of 2 or more tides and really enjoy myself, without having to pack up and come home right away. There is a space where I can camp that is very close to some great mud and a good place to clean up.

  3. Hennie Frans

    Hi,yesterday evening I made on Google Earth a survey about the regions White Oak and Hubert.
    I noticed a lot of lakes surrounded by swampy regions.I estimated Hubert/White Oakd 100km driving.
    After all as you tell only 20 km with a lot restrictions at the destination to explore the mud.
    Then enjoy the places few km,s from home is also OK,mud is mud.I should like in my country go to a sea channel or creek,but to the very north is a few hundreds km driving and the same to the south/west part.I have no knowledge of the regions and I have ask the inhabitants, “Do you know a spot in the creek where I can naked wallow.”? They would think he has a tic and he has is some mud in his brains.Ha,ha.
    So in summer times I drive to my mud holes about 40 min.driving.The mud is not so very thick,it is not camparable with the mud in your regions.It feels nice to sink nipple deep and the bottom of a pit consist of clay.These clay layers are very old,they are the deposits formed during the pleistocene era and earlier,when Holland and part of Germany lay below sea level.Geological events (glaciers-rising bottoms of the earth) had changed the landscape after that.I am glad after all that they had formed my favourable mud holes.

    • mudbondage

      It’s good to know some geology when you’re a mudder. 🙂

      I’m not sure what you were looking at, but the entire White Oak River is within 100km of my home. The part where I’ve found the best mud is about 20km drive + 3km of paddling on the river.

      We don’t really have lakes here. There are some shallow pools that they call lakes, but they are more like large puddles and swamps. This place was also under water not too long ago, and it’s all sand, so there is very little topological variation. In order to find deep mud, you must find an old stream bed that has filled up with silt, since the stream changed course, or those man-made cuts that have since filled in.

      Other places are not muddy, or tend to have too many tree roots, or other debris that prevents good sinking. I got lucky to find my deep peat hole, but I also had to remove a lot of submerged tree limbs when I first found it.

      I’m kind of excited to go camping out there, so I can explore more and be right there to take full advantage of the low tides.

  4. Hennie Frans

    Hi, I have make another try in Google Earth.May be I have been on the wrong place yesterday
    Now I noticed a camping when zooming in.Position: 34degr.46 min. N 77degr.08.min W.
    Hope will be right.

    • mudbondage

      I show that location is in the ocean off my coast. I could post exact coordinates for my mud holes, but I choose not to do that, so I don’t have to fear the wrong person finding the exact spot.

      The easiest way to find the right general area is to search for Stella, NC. I won’t be more specific than that.

      I hope that helps. 🙂