Erotic Clip from Nov 1

Posted by on November 13, 2017

I have released the erotic/mud wallowing clip from my November 1 excursion into the swamp. I released it in HD and UHD (4K) formats, for those interested in checking out the super-high-def version.

Clip Description:  I had been away from the swamp for too long and this was my chance to just enjoy the feeling of the mud on my body. In this clip, I crawl out onto the mud, wearing sexy black briefs and nothing else. I sink down into the thick mud then lay back and pull my legs out so my muddy feet are visible. I lay back further so I can bring my crotch to the surface. I rub my crotch as my head is engulfed in the black mud. Then I invert himself, return to an upright position, and eventually kick back on the surface of the mud.

You can find this clip on Clips4Sale in 2 versions: Mud Appreciation Day (4K) and Mud Appreciation Day (HD)

The HD clip is also available soon on

4 Responses to Erotic Clip from Nov 1

  1. Hennie Frans

    Hi Doug,I have downloaded in 4K version your newest video Mud Appreciation Day.
    It really is a very successful one.A s you mention in your blog:To enjoy the feeling of the mud on my body.
    It is the ground of mud adventures,sometimes with masturbations and cumming.Wearing a sexy brief
    or thong is like a cherry on a fancy cake.
    So you did.The beginning of the vid is so hot,wallowing and “swimming” with then a clean body, into the black mud.It gives a very sexy look wearing your black shiny brief.
    I several times use the repeat button on my PC.Say at 50 seconds of the vid, the sinking waistdeep into the mud.Or at the 5 minutes; the masturbation in the mud.The end is beautiful,glorious standing in the ligt of the setting sun,showing a muddy bod wearing a muddy shiny brief and muddy bulge between ur muddy thighs.
    Some thing about 4K;I honestly have to say that there is no much difference between 4K and modes you use in former videos.Of course I appreciate it,but is not neccessary.
    Now I wish you a long rest and wait next year in summer for new videos.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks for checking out the 4K. I doubt you have a monitor large enough to even view the 4K in it’s full resolution. I have a 32 inch monitor (81 cm) and it can’t display a 4K video in it’s full resolution. Someday, you may have a 100cm 4K TV that you can watch it on. 🙂

      At this time, it does seem a little silly to create such a high resolution video. However, I suppose it is the future. I don’t always shoot in 4K, even though I can. It takes a lot more storage for me to archive the original files, also.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the movie, anyway!

  2. Dolphin


    Wow…truly you named the video rightly…erotic. Many thanks…and the video quality is super.

    • mudbondage

      That’s what you get for $3800 !
      Now, I just need to get more opportunities to visit the swamp at low tide on warm, sunny days. 🙂