Buried Alive (concept clip)

Posted by on July 29, 2017

This is an edited clip from my experimental scene where I was slowly buried in the mud pit. Please see the note below the clip. There are more details in my previous blog entry.

Side Note: I’ve been posting a lot of free content, lately, since I haven’t been able to go into the swamp and record very much this year. In the past, I posted everything for free, but I quit when I got frustrated with the lack of feedback. This stuff may be free to you, but it’s not free to me. If you want me to leave this stuff up and continue posting more, please give me some “love”. Also, if you really enjoy a free clip, I suggest you download it and archive it somewhere, because I may take these down to conserve $bandwidth$, at any time.

8 Responses to Buried Alive (concept clip)

  1. Dolphin

    Fantastic! Even though you said it was a concept video. The possibilities for furture torture/bd videos are endless. Did you have an assistant who played the torturer?

    • mudbondage

      I set this scene up, alone, but I’ll have help if I ever do it the way I really want to. I’m really just doing what I can with what I have available. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      • coney

        I wonder if the help includes ‘camera guy’ who you’ve mentioned once before.

        BTW I will continue to make a point of extending love and hugs for all your content. As for how to conserve bandwidth, maybe one option is to make the free stuff available by storing it on a site like Mediafire (which I have used before) or even collecting it together as a torrent?

        • mudbondage

          I have a couple of camera people who can help me in the back yard, when they are available. For this scene, I’d also like to have an active participant, but we’ll see.

          Thanks for the love and hugs. I’m afraid most file sharing sites, including Mediafire, prohibit the sharing of “pornographic” content. I don’t like to violate the terms of any service, and the services that allow adult content tend to be pretty sleazy. Sites like pornhub make their living from hosting pirated content and pretending they don’t know it’s mostly pirated. Torrents aren’t well suited to web presentation. I want this to be pretty. I suppose I could archive old content as a torrent. It’s really not the way I want to spend my time.

          I feel pretty safe in saying that any video I put on this site will be downloaded 1000 times for every comment I get. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s why everyone like me either burns out, or turns to selling their content. In the interest of fairness, I don’t think it’s because site visitors don’t want to show their appreciation; I think it’s because most people just want to remain anonymous.

          This web-site exists, thanks to about 20 core supporters, scattered around the U.S. and Europe. I’ll keep it up as long as I can, but nothing is forever.

  2. andy85

    Hi Doug
    Sorry you’re feeling unloved
    I love all your stuff esp the swamp scenes
    You’re regular mentioned in very glowing terms on Gazwams site DSG
    I could only aspire to do work of the quality you produce
    I have downloaded manty of the clips and enjoy watching them frequently
    All the best love and hugs

    • mudbondage

      Hi, Andy. I’m not sure I’m feeling unloved as much as I’m just conveying what I’ve learned over the past 20 years about giving away content on the Internet. If you are expecting something back, which, I think, most of us are, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s kind of like making a meal and inviting the public to join you for food and conversation, then hordes of people show up, snatch the food, and disappear, leaving you alone with less food. 🙂
      That sounds terrible, but that’s about how it felt in the early days. I would work so hard to make a video. I’d put it on-line and check the server access logs to see if anyone was looking. I’d see that hundreds of people had seen it, but barely anyone would ever comment. On more recent social media sites where it would be as easy as clicking a heart, or selecting one of 5 stars, less than 1% would bother to click a star.
      I’ve adjusted my expectations, so I’m not really disappointed anymore. However, I’m also not sharing a lot of free content, and I try to justify the time I spend by selling content. As you can guess, sales are slow, this year, since I’m not uploading new content. I’ve been giving away more than usual, so you guys know I’m not dead, but that is a trend I can’t sustain, so we’ll just have to see.
      I know I have some loyal followers, and you are one of them. That is the only reason this site still exists.
      Thank you.

  3. coney

    Maybe another option is that a number of us hold copies of the freely downloadable files and if someone wants a copy, they contact us and we can share it ourselves. That may help with your bandwidth issues – I would be happy to volunteer.

    • mudbondage

      I hope it’s general knowledge that anyone who wants to archive a copy of any of my free content is welcome to do so. You may share free content as long as the mudlover copyright message is not removed.

      At one time, a well meaning fan set up a tube account in my name to share my stuff. I was unaware that someone was pretending to be me, so I didn’t react well when I was asked about it by a 3rd party. The fan was very apologetic, and I felt a little bad about sending a notice to the tube-site that this person wasn’t authorized to post my content or borrow my name.

      I still think he went too far. If anyone sets up an account somewhere using exclusively my content, free or otherwise, I would object, because I have my reasons for not being on those sites*, and I still need to protect my brand.

      However, I don’t have a problem with people passing around my free clips, in their original form. Editing is not allowed.

      *most tube sites are profiting from hosting pirated clips, by me and other producers. I refuse to support those sites in any way.