Mud Pit Concept Clip

Posted by on July 15, 2017

This idea starts with a man, tied down to anchors in the bottom of a pit. His head is also tied down, so he can’t raise it and he has a short piece of pipe in his mouth so he will be able to breathe, even when the mud overtakes his face.

Which brings us to the mud. As he struggles, the mud, which is stacked higher near his feet, flows, ever-so-slowly, towards his head, engulfing his head and eventually casting him into total darkness.

If everything goes to plan, our victim will be completely engulfed in the slow moving mud, and all we will see of him is the very end of the pipe. In this proof-of-concept clip, things didn’t go perfectly. One of the anchors holding my head down broke free, and I had no anchor to hold my legs down, although they were tied at the ankles and above the knees.

The entire ordeal made me rather horny, and I have been pondering improvements to the setup ever since. I’ll definitely need to improve my anchors, so they don’t break free. Even if I try not to hide the failure, my body will naturally float to the surface. The video I shot while testing this idea didn’t turn out too bad. If anyone wants to see it, let me know, and I’ll try to make it available.

p.s. My physical therapist pretty much cancelled all of my exercises and replaced them with much easier ones. She also replaced all of my stretches with 2 simple stretches that don’t involve any twisting. Since it’s impossible for me to get in and out of the swamp without twisting, if I am going to respect my physical therapist’s expertise, I can’t be going into the swamp for at least a month; probably 2. Today’s activity was not very strenuous, since I have solid ground and the mud isn’t deep enough to force me to twist.

2 Responses to Mud Pit Concept Clip

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    What a totally iincreditable concept for a video!!! By all means make what ever video you have available to us. If that experience made you horny, let me tell you the three photos made me instantly horny.

    I’m in Hendersonville for a couple of weeks…and discovered that using this little notebook and the Hendersonville City Wifi I can leave comments. Glad to hear that the health issues are stabilising…at least that’s the impression I got from you comments above. You seem to be being a good boy and listening to the physical therapist and medical people Anyway, look forward to some video of this latest idea you have for mud adventure. Cheers.

    • mudbondage

      My back is doing well, but my physical therapist has advised me not to do any kayaking. I’m sure, if I could ask, mudding would be absolutely out of the question! I’m working to get back in the saddle, but, I’m afraid, healing takes time.

      I edited a video from this concept scene. The video isn’t great, but it was mostly an afterthought. When I get time to post it, I’ll either add it here or on UMD, in which case I’ll link it here.