New Clip: Return to the Swamp

Posted by on July 13, 2017

You probably saw the video log from this day. This clip contains what was not in the video log … the actual sinking and having a good time. It was so great to get back into the swamp, and to be able to return to my favorite mud hole on a day with such a low tide.

I did have to get out once because of a threatening storm, and I had to end the video when it started raining, but I still had a great time. The mud was just perfect, and I was really excited to be in it.

There is a 30 second teaser for this clip. You can view it on Clips4Sale or on I think the teaser says more in 30 seconds than I can write in an hour.

Return to the Swamp, 2017-07-06

6 Responses to New Clip: Return to the Swamp

  1. coney

    I really liked this (and I’m glad it didn’t do a damage to your back). I think what gave it an extra, erotic twist for me was the commentary – you should have more of that in your videos 🙂

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Coney. There was more commentary. Obviously, most of it went into the video log, but there was also some that I edited out. I’ve been watching a lot of solo YouTube adventures, where they talk about their gear and what they’re doing. As a consequence, I thought it would be different to talk about what I was doing.
      In the final edit, I reconsidered, and cut some of my rambling. I do agree, though, that some discussion of what is happening is interesting, as long as I’m not acting out a dramatic scene. I will probably do something similar, if I ever get to go out, again.
      I started physical therapy, yesterday, and I found out I’m not doing myself any favors with my aggressive exercise regime. I’m going to try to take expert advice and behave for a month or two.

  2. coney

    Actually, I feel commentary helps your dramatic scenes and would welcome more of it 🙂

    • mudbondage

      I don’t get much feedback. This is useful.

      • coney

        Indeed. I have bought loads of videos and almost never given feedback – I will do better, if only to say how much your videos are appreciated 🙂

        • mudbondage

          One of the primary things that drove me to selling videos, rather than giving them away, was the lack of feedback. The fact that you buy so many videos is a kind of feedback, in an of itself.
          I could never understand, back in the day, why people couldn’t be bothered to even acknowledge that they had watched a video, after I had spent hours making it and putting it on-line. Literally hundreds of people would download a video, and one or two might say something.
          In any case, I’ve had that whine and decided to stop giving so much away. Now, every time I sell a clip, I consider it a vote of support.
          If, however, there is something you really like, that I am not doing [often], it would be nice to know. Also, if there is something I do that ruins the mood, that would be good to know, also. Some suggestions aren’t terribly helpful, in that some people want me to shoot a scene in an Amazon jungle, or with several people. Those things just aren’t practical.
          On the other hand, it’s always nice to know what people want, even if all I can do is approximate it.