My Date with the Surgeon

Posted by on June 20, 2017

Sorry, there are no photos to go with this post. I had my consultation with the doctor, today. They did a complete checkup on me and evaluated the condition of my nerves to be sure I had no nerve damage/blockage. After X-rays and a physical exam, they concluded that surgery was not needed and that I could heal naturally, but it would take about 2 years for a full recovery. It’s mostly good news, although I am not supposed to lift a kayak for at least 6 months. I may rig something to assist me with loading my boat, but until I resolve that, there will be no more trips into the swamp for me.

I did invite someone down to accompany me into the swamp and do all the heavy lifting. We’ll see if that pans out. If it does, I may have some video of someone else, drowning in the evil swamp muck.

So, for 6 months I need to take it easy on all heavy exercise and focus on cardio that doesn’t stress my lower back. I’ll be riding my bicycle and I’ll probably get an exercise bike. Oh, and I have been remanded for physical therapy. Maybe, I can talk my physical therapist into taking me kayaking.

So, I’m somewhat relieved. I’m always happy when someone tells me my body will heal naturally. The bad news is that I’m going to have to make some serious lifestyle adjustments and the recovery time is going to be long.

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  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Glad to hear the really good news from you about not needing surgery. I’ve gone through three surgeries (5 bypass heart, left knee, right knee). The recovery times were much shorter than what you are facing, but it pays to really do it right…follow all the recommendations, do the exercises, etc….all the things you already know to do. And, who knows, you may begin to see recovery moving a bit more rapidly than anticipated.
    My friends keep telling me how fast I healed after each surgery…compared to what they had experienced or thought would be the usual recovery. And, I think they are right…some of it was awfully boring (the knee exercising machine that you strap into and sit for two hours while it exercises the knee was particularly boring…and I had to do it three times a day! for two weeks). I cheered on the last day!!

    So, go to it, and we shall see adventures and videos of your adventures whenever you think it’s ok to venture out. And, just a thought…do you have video that was never shown but could be shown now? Or is that a no/no given the need to sit in a chair at the computer?

    • mudbondage

      Hey, Dolphin.

      The doctor seemed to think that, since no nerves were damaged or pinched to the point of dysfunction, that everything should be allowed to heal naturally, because an extended healing time wouldn’t be detrimental. I like the idea.

      In terms of video. I don’t think I have any video I’ve held back. I may make some new mud-pit or bondage videos, if they don’t seem to aggravate my condition. That may have to wait a couple weeks, as I’m on the bleeding edge right now. If I don’t do much, I don’t have much pain. If I strain my back even a little bit, I pay for it.

      I queried the doctor relentlessly about which exercises are good and which are bad, so I could stay on track until I get into physical therapy, which may a month or more away. I am supposed to do core exercises and I can exercise my legs, so a little mud shouldn’t kill me. Shoveling mud is completely out, though. I’ve already done a lot of that this year, and that probably didn’t help my condition. 🙂

      Thank you, for your concern. I hope to get through this and get on with my life.

  2. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Oh, with time you’ll heal up nicely, I’m sure. I’ve known for many a year now and during that time we had some great and fun time in the swamp and the mud. For that I’m always most thankful for your generosity and for the wonderful host you were I visited.
    I look forward to continuing to share in your adventures in the coastal swamps around an about your home through the videos you will continue to make as your healing progresses.

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