Back to the Swamp!

Posted by on May 17, 2017

I’ve been having trouble catching a low tide, lately. I’ve gone to the creek, expecting a low tide on several occasions, only to find that the tide was stuck on medium-high. Not today! Today, I arrived just before 09:00. The tide level was pretty low and it was still going out. It was still high enough for me to float my boat into places I should never have gone. More about that, later.

I had to wear my new favorite briefs, and I had to try using the wide dynamic range feature of my new camera. So, when I arrived, I drug all of my gear out of the boat, set up one camera, and started to tease the mud.

It took 20 minutes or so, but, eventually, I was fully immersed. After my immersion, I wriggled out of the deep, and surprisingly thick mud to stop the camera. Since I was covered in mud, I didn’t reset the camera for my next play-date with some deep mud. After horsing around for a while, I rinsed off as best I could and put my equipment away.

That’s when the real work began. I didn’t really have time to hang around and wait for the tide to come in, and it was now much lower than when I arrived. Remember, back in the first paragraph, where I mentioned that I floated in past the point of easy extraction? That’s what I meant to say, anyway. So, my urge to play some more was indulged in my endeavor to get back out to the creek. Where are the cameras when these things happen? Some of the best stuff happens behind the scenes. I got so bogged down, trying to move the boat across mud that was easily over my head, and thick enough to hold me like glue, that I finally had to work myself to the surface and belly crawl as I inched the boat towards the water.

Needless to say, I made it out, but it required a sustained, and very messy effort. I had to wash the boat in the creek, because it was covered in mud. I’m tempted to make another trip out there, tomorrow. The weather isn’t going to get any nicer than this.

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