New Briefs (free video)

Posted by on May 15, 2017

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a clothing fetish. I love form fitting, tiny briefs; especially when they are black and shiny. I recently discovered some new briefs that fit like a glove and feel great. I am not quite ready to get them muddy, but I wanted to shoot some video in them, so I did another archery video, with lots of crotch shots. I also included a clip at the end where I’m wearing high waist “disco” shorts. It was just another look I wanted to try.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why would I go to all this work just to capture some frames of my new briefs. Well, you caught me. I’m also practicing with my new camera, and my post-production workflow for 4K video. I shot this in 4K. The original video is incredible. Sadly, I have no way to show you the video. I can only grab some frames from the video and include them at their original resolution (click on the frames below the video). The 4K workflow is much more time consuming. The files are much, much larger and everything takes longer. I’m not sure how often I’ll shoot mud video in 4K, but it’s a nice feature to have.

The resolution and video quality from my new camera are amazing. Click on the frame grabs, below, and zoom in on them to see the level of detail in a 4K frame (~8MP) from a professional video camera.

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  1. nakedbuffbody

    Nice camera, great detail. Love those new shorts, where did you find them. I zoomed in on the pics and really nice resolution detail. Good quality work as usual, keep up the good work. John the Storm Chaser

  2. nakedbuffbody

    Understand what your saying. Would be scared to death to get it near saltwater conditions. I’ve been looking at a GoPro for what I get into. I had a Kodack, but ended up getting splashed with saltwater and has issues now. So not been able to do any video for sometime now. I got a great mud/peat spot just out back in the Shallotte Swamp. One area is up to my nose, depending on rain conditions. When it starts to dry it gets really thick and found I best take a couple gallon of water to help get back out. But the awesome stuck sucking feeling is great in the super thick stuff. Like sucking bondage.

    • mudbondage

      Sounds like a great spot. You really must get video. I can vouch for the waterproof, wide angle camera. I use a GoPro, but I think another action cam would work nearly as well, or even better. When I got my GoPro, the amount of video I could shoot, especially behind the scenes, shot up. It was probably the GoPro that made it possible for me to make my “Making a Mud Movie” movie. I still use my GoPro on just about every scene, because it always gives me a unique perspective, it generally gets the entire scene, it’s close enough for me to move it around without getting out of the mud, and it is always in focus.

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