New clip: Mud Torment

Posted by on April 6, 2017

I know, there’s been a lot of bondage in my recent clips. I haven’t been able to venture into the swamp at low tide for a deep mud struggle, and the mud is too cold for a wallow, so you’re stuck with bondage drama.

This new clip was kind of fun to shoot, if you don’t count the time I spent flushing the mud out of my sinuses. Dressed in only a red speedo, I get suspended by my ankles over a large vat of mud. My wrists are bound behind me and handcuffed to my genitals. Escape is impossible, and getting muddy is inevitable.

I’m initially winched from the ground next to the vat to where I’m swinging over the vat. Then I’m lowered into the mud, head-first and raised back up a little, so I have to struggle to breath. I’m lowered down more so my body gets covered in mud, then I’m winched all the way out so my muddy body is on display. Finally, I am lowered back down so my head is immersed, again.

The entire Mud Torment video lasts only 6 minutes. There were a few sections I had to edit out and I can only tolerate hanging upside down for 20 minutes, max. Having mud going up my nose and in my mouth, and a hand-cuff clamped around my genitals doesn’t help. I’d do it all again, and I might put some kind of plugs in my nostrils, but I don’t know how to acclimate myself to hanging upside down.

2 Responses to New clip: Mud Torment

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug….

    Back in Santa Monica…got your newest video, “Mud Toorment”…great fun to watch and see the slow descent. Now, can you rig something like this over the new mud pit and, maybe, do a total immersion?

    • mudbondage

      I’ll likely do something similar in the Tarzan mudpit, but I’m afraid a total immersion will not be possible, unless it’s more of a horizontal immersion. I’ve written a thesis on why it’s not practical, and virtually impossible to maintain a pit that is 6 feet deep.