New Thong

Posted by on March 16, 2016

fresh-thongSo, I bought this new thong from It’s pretty intense, as it has an opening that acts like a cock ring and it has a built in ring with a ball splitter. You guys probably don’t care about things like that, since you don’t love your genitals like I love mine. 😉

Today was really warm. It was 30C (87F), which is more like June than March. Technically, we have another 5 days of winter. It looks like we’re going to skip spring and to right to summer.

Anyway, I ventured out today at low tide. The tide didn’t get very low, so I opted to shoot in the woods with the peat mud. I had hoped to shoot an erotic masturbation scene, but I couldn’t find the spot and the mud I wanted for that. I set up my camera to take some still photos (top left), and started formulating an idea for an erotic bondage video.

At first, when I started shooting video, nothing worked like I wanted and I thought the video was going to be really lame. However, things got really interesting and I got some pretty horny video. I’m going to name the video “Horny Desperation”, because that’s what it was. I just wish I had known, going into it, exactly how it was going to evolve. I think I would have set my cameras up a little differently.

Well, it’s late, and I’ve had a really busy day. Tomorrow will be another busy day. Thank you, to everyone who has purchased one or more of my clips. You guys make it all possible.

6 Responses to New Thong

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Wow!!! What an incredibly sexy, erotic thong you’ve selected. To say I’m anxious to see the video you shot is an understatement. I think you can safely assume that “us guys” ARE interested in your description of the thong…so interested that we’ll snap up your video just as soon as you make it available.

    • mudbondage

      I figured you might like it, Dolphin. I also heard from Hennie, and he seems to think it’s hot. I’d probably wear the thong all the time, if I could get away with it.

      After yesterday, I think I’ll probably do an erotic/masturbation video, wearing that thong in the clay pit. I thought long and hard about where and what I wanted to shoot, while I was basking in the sun in the swamp, and it seems like the conditions I’m looking for are right in the back yard. The clay makes better lube, for one thing.

      All I need is a nice day when I have time to prepare the clay, shoot and clean up. The video I shot yesterday will be available next week. I finished editing it, and it’s pretty good. I do think I could do it better, so there may be a “Horny Desperation, take 2”.

  2. nakedbuffbody

    OMG awesome thong. Gonna have to look and find one for me. Gets the blood pumping before I even see the mud sinking part. But then Doug, you always have great pics and videos.

    • mudbondage

      Yes, it is an awesome thong. They call it the “Fresh Thong” on There is another version that is more like a jock-strap, but that one was out of stock. The thong is good. Bodyaware isn’t cheap, but their stuff is really well made, and they’re not crazy expensive, either.

  3. nakedbuffbody

    Doug, never bought from before. How is the fit relating to the size of the article. Do they run small as from some sites.

    • mudbondage

      I’m inclined to say they run pretty true to actual measurements. I always get a small, which they say is for a 28″ waist. I would prefer something a little tighter, but the small fits me like you’d want if you wanted a comfortable fit, and I have a 28″ waist.

      Their stuff is made locally, so it’s not “Asian” sized. They also have great customer service, so you might just give them a call or send them an e-mail.

      Which reminds me, I need to send them a photo.