Pre Mud Update

Posted by on March 14, 2016

2016-03-10_bondage2If nothing interferes with my plans, I’m going to venture into the swamp tomorrow (Monday) morning. We haven’t had any significant rainfall in over a week, so the tides should be normal and I should find some good mud. It’s also been unseasonably warm.

We haven’t had a mid-day low tide in a while, so I’ve been enjoying the weather and managing stress by doing self bondage predicaments in the woods. As most of you know, that is something I enjoy a lot.

I got a new thong that I’m really excited about. I don’t think I’ll be wearing it tomorrow, though. It’s probably a little cool for that sort of play. If I manage to shoot something, tomorrow, I expect it will be an “explorer” style video. The wallowing videos are not much fun when the mud is cold.

2016-03-10_bondage1Anyway, there’s still a decent chance that something will come up on Monday morning and I won’t make it out to the swamp. If I don’t make it Monday, Tuesday is looking pretty good.

The images on this post are from a video that I’m uploading right now to my clip store. If I stay up long enough, I’ll be setting it up for sale tonight. Otherwise, you can expect to see it appear in my store sometime tomorrow. I’m trying to wrap up here and get to bed, so I can get a decent night’s sleep before I have to start my work week.

2 Responses to Pre Mud Update

  1. Dolphin

    This video really turned me on. First off, I love your selection of shorts…very, very sexy. The photography was outta’ sight…such great views of how your cock and balls were tied…and towards the end, so very erotic shots, indeed. All in all, this is truly a keeper. The only thing that might have made it even more erotic would be to have you dangling over the clay pit and then fall in Thanks for great viewing and a very nice climax.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Dolphin. The bondage videos pose some unique challenges, but I do enjoy making them.