Muddy Masturbation

Posted by on August 11, 2013

Warning! X-Rated!

2013-08-11_masturbation_800x600 Well, that was quick! This clip is from this morning’s muddy expedition. Most of the shots in this clip are in close and explicit. There are more shots of my cock than there are of my face in this one!

This clip features lots of different camera angles and setups. I just kept moving around and mixing it up. There are times when I rub my cock through the latex, times when I stroke the shaft in more traditional style, and times when I thrust my cock into the mud. I also dive under the mud, head first, and go completely under a couple of times for good measure.

There is no bondage in this clip. This one is for people who just love messy cocks. I am covered in mud from head to toe, wearing only latex briefs that can’t seem to restrain my erect cock. There are some shots of my muddy feet, for the muddy foot lovers. As usual, the images in the cover art are all from the video. I try to select them to represent the various segments of the video. This one is 20 minutes long and has way too many scene changes to be represented by a few images, but the graphic does a pretty decent job.

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  1. Dolphin

    Bravo! Most stimulating clip. Thanks.

    Also like the second of the clips with the Lichen collector. Too bad the second camera didn’t work properly.

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