Clip Announcement (Swamping, 09/28)

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Swamping, 2012-09-28 promo imageI cut together a travelogue from my most recent trip into the swamp. I think “travelogue” is the best word for it, since the video essentially follows me from my initial slogging, through a “death by quicksand” scene, some light bondage with some inversion, and a slow sink in some really thick mud that ends when I’m up to my neck.

I think the quicksand scene is pretty convincing. It may be one of my better ones. Most of the scenes are pretty good. I had enough video that I could edit out all of the boring stuff. The only scene that moves kind of slowly is the thick mud sink at the end, but that’s just the way it goes in thick mud.

The video is now available in my male Clips4Sale store. I think most people will like it. It sort of runs the gamut from muddy feet to sucking quicksand.

4 Responses to Clip Announcement (Swamping, 09/28)

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Your latest is much, much fun to watch. The quicksand scene is super good…very liquid pool of mud you fell into. I like to get into very liquid mud…that is the great attraction of going down to San Onofre State Beach during the rainy season…it is an hour + drive from here…but there are great pools of very liquid, clay-like mud to wallow in. Nothing too deep, however. Anyway…really enjoyed this collection of short clips…the last sink was just as go too.

    • mudbondage

      I’m always conflicted about how thick the mud should be. I like thick mud, but I also go for that illusion of danger that you can really only get from thinner mud that will swallow you without much effort. When I have to work for every inch, it’s hard to imagine that I’m in any danger of being pulled under. On the other hand, the thick mud feels more erotic.

  2. gaz

    hi doug,….i accidently purchased this movie twice ,.. oops!,. is there a way i can cancell it?


    • mudbondage

      At one time, C4S let me refund purchases. I’m pretty sure they took that feature away. I will make sure you are compensated, though.