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New Clip: Plastic Covered Swamp Mud

On May 11, I took a heavier sheet of plastic into the swamp to give it one more shot. This time, I selected a spot in the swamp where the mud wasn’t so thick, so I would be able to sink deeper. The softer mud made it harder to manage the plastic, so I had … Continue reading »

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Thick Clay

I have no pictures or video. It was supposed to be raining all day but it didn’t. I’ve been wanting to give the clay pit a good stirring, so I took at shot at it, today. I uncovered the clay pit and stepped into it. The best way to stir thick mud or clay is … Continue reading »

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Maybe it’s Time to Fold ’em

Well, sales are down, my hopes for getting some help keep getting dashed, and interest in this blog seems to be waning. I had been thinking this would be my last year for making videos. I had a few new ideas, some of which I could do alone, and some that would require assistance. I’ll … Continue reading »

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Friday Afternoon in the Swamp

It was really warm today and the low tide was around 1 pm (13:00). I decided today would be a good day to try the thing with the plastic sheet, again. This time I took some much heavier plastic. I guess my trip was a success. I haven’t looked at all of the video, yet, … Continue reading »

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The second Tarzan Trial Clip

Since Tarzan couldn’t escape from his first predicament (see Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1), he had to endure yet another torturous, inescapable torment. In this scene, Tarzan is tied across the pit again, but this time, he is in an upright position. His left wrist is tied to a tree on one side of the pit … Continue reading »

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Server Migration Issues, and an Update

In transferring this website from this server to a sparkly new server, and then back, some of the links to images and posts got messed up. I apologize for the confusion. They should be all fixed, now. Now that that is out of the way, I have some more interesting news. I’ve been working on … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Sunbathing Gone Wrong

This is the first clip I recorded on April 13. I am probably going to try this again in the near future, with some heavier plastic. This scene opens with me, lying on the plastic on top of some very thick, deep mud. Of course, when I try to get up, the plastic begins to … Continue reading »

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