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Hooked in the Clay Pit (new clip)

Link: Hooked in the Clay Pit, 2016-05-24 I described this scene pretty well in a previous blog entry. The pictures and the description in my clip store pretty much tell the story. Doing this scene was really intense. I didn’t fake my moaning. Had I not been gagged, I might have disturbed my neighbors. I … Continue reading »

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Clay Pit Fun

I’m not a big fan of jockstraps, but I got a latex jockstrap because there are times when you want an open back. Although I could have done this one naked, I really love my latex. In any case, my idea was to get hooked on my anal hook and have the hook get pulled … Continue reading »

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Weighted Sink, Chapt. 2

This clip is the second installment of the weighted sink series. I had to do a continuation, because the camera stopped recording on 5/11 when things were really heating up. If you purchased the weighted sink clip from 5/11 and you enjoyed it, I think you’ll like this one even more. You might enjoy this … Continue reading »

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Weight, Weight, I’m going under!

Yes, this is a rerun from May 11. I was sad that I didn’t get the best part of the scene on camera. I left the weight at the mud hole, because I knew I was going back to play some more, and hauling that weight in and out of the peat bog is a … Continue reading »

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Weighted Sink clip from 5/11

I had fun making this one. I was in the zone, with my head under the mud and a weight hanging on my genitals. I was bucking my hips. The action, combined with the weight, was pushing my head deep under the mud where it became difficult to breathe. I’m sure some will think this … Continue reading »

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New Leather Clip

Before I get started on the new clip, what’s up with ? I haven’t been able to reach deepsinkinguyz in days. The DNS entries are still there but the server seems to be completely off-line. I found some time to edit this video that I shot yesterday. The story is that this man was … Continue reading »

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I Got Really Muddy, Today

I set out into the swamp, today, wearing a white shirt, leather pants, leather boots, a blindfold, and handcuffs. I got lost several times before I realized that I’d have to take the blindfold and handcuffs off if I was going to find any good mud. You might say, after weeks with no mud, I … Continue reading »

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