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Roped Between 4 Trees (new clip)

Roped Between 4 Trees, 2016-04-26 is a new predicament bondage clip. It is pretty mild, as far as predicaments go, but it features an animated struggle with no way to escape. Aside from the gag, it was an all rope bondage. My wrists were tied to a tree opposite the tree to which one of … Continue reading »

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Working on an Idea

Yesterday morning, I loaded my canoe with a ton of gear and headed out into the swamp. I packed a white shirt, leather jeans, leather boots, and a blindfold. My idea was to play a secret agent who, while trying to escape his captors, wandered blindly into the swamp. It’s a rather ambitious goal, with … Continue reading »

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Noodling in the Swamp Clip

The name says it all. This clip is pretty low energy. I wish I could say otherwise, but I must be honest. I spend a lot of time handling my penis in this clip, but the surface of the mud is pretty cold, so my penis doesn’t respond with a great deal of enthusiasm. I … Continue reading »

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April Winds

It’s been windy all month. Wednesday was no exception. I paddled against a brisk wind to try my hand at sinking. When I got to where I was going, I found a sheltered area in the sun and hung out there for a while to warm up. I wasn’t expecting to get chilled. It was … Continue reading »

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New bondage clip and a quick update

My efforts to get back into the swamp have been frustrated by cooler, windy weather. It started raining as I was going out, yesterday. I waited to see if it would stop but it just got heavier. It rained pretty much all day. There is some good news, for those of you who like my … Continue reading »

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Video Experimentation

On April 4, I went out around low tide. I was actually a little late, but it was kind of cool and very windy, so it wasn’t a good day for getting naked and wet. However, I had a mission. I had been testing a low-tech panning trick at home, that involves nothing more than … Continue reading »

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Flashback to July, 2005!

You might wonder what was happening in my life back in July of 2005. Well, I was getting into as much trouble as ever.

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Well, I finally got around to creating a profile at and I found, in the forum there, that DeepSinkingGuyz had moved again. This time, I guess it was moved to I probably shouldn’t comment on how I feel about this, since it took me 2 months to create a new profile and within … Continue reading »

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Spring Mud Celebration (new clip)

After my last post, you should have known this one was coming. I’ve done a “death by quicksand” scene, so it was time for some erotic action. Since it was the last day of March, which is pretty early for this sort of video, I worked really hard to make it special. The mud was … Continue reading »

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Final Swamp Trip for March 2016

Well, I ventured out into the swamp on the last day of March. It was pretty warm, but there was a pretty brisk wind that made it a little less warm, when I was mostly naked. However, I didn’t let that stop me from having fun. I managed to get completely immersed and I enjoyed … Continue reading »

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Claypit Torment (new clip)

I was so excited about my new thong, I had to do another scene with it. In this clip, the suspension chain starts at my genitals and extends behind me to my wrists, which are cuff and locked to the chain, and from there it extends up to a winch line. The cuffs on my … Continue reading »

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