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Claypit Fun

First, it took most of the day just to get the claypit ready and find someone who could help me with this, rather precarious, setup. When we were finally ready to shoot, I completely forgot my gag and hood. I feel like I should just shoot the entire thing again, but finding help is nearly … Continue reading »

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Horny Desperation (new clip)

I added a new clip to my Clips4Sale store. It is also available in my new UMD store which is now embedded here. The clip opens with me, wearing only a shiny red thong with a built in cock ring and ball splitter. My wrists are bound behind me. I walk around a bit, then … Continue reading »

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New Thong

So, I bought this new thong from It’s pretty intense, as it has an opening that acts like a cock ring and it has a built in ring with a ball splitter. You guys probably don’t care about things like that, since you don’t love your genitals like I love mine. 😉 Today was … Continue reading »

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First Immersion Clip of 2016!

This new clip, shot on March 14, 2016 is the first full immersion clip of 2016. It is a chase scene. I am wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt. I slog through a little bit of mud and run through some grass, but before you could pry your boots out of ankle deep clay, I’m … Continue reading »

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Swamp Update (with Video!)

First, I’m just going to mention that the new bondage video, A Painful Predicament, is in my clip store. I’m sure most of you will be more interested in the clips I shot today, in the swamp. I had my first total immersion of 2016, this morning. The water and mud temperatures are more like … Continue reading »

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Pre Mud Update

If nothing interferes with my plans, I’m going to venture into the swamp tomorrow (Monday) morning. We haven’t had any significant rainfall in over a week, so the tides should be normal and I should find some good mud. It’s also been unseasonably warm. We haven’t had a mid-day low tide in a while, so … Continue reading »

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