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Spring Weather

Well, the weather is mild, but still quite cool. I wanted to go mudding this morning, but it was around 50F (10C), and I just couldn’t bring myself to get naked and wet before lunch at such chilly temps. The forecast is calling for highs of 70F (21C), early next week. I’m anxious to get … Continue reading »

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April 12 Clip Released

It’s difficult to name these clips without using the same names, over and over. In this clip, I step into the mud, wearing only latex briefs. I struggle against the grip of the thick mud for a while. Then I succumb to the erotic nature of my predicament. Eventually, the slow and steady onslaught of … Continue reading »

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First Immersion Clip of 2015

I took the plunge on April 10, with my wrists and ankles bound. I nearly sank out of sight as I splashed down into the sloppy mud. I struggled in earnest to maneuver myself out of the bottomless muck, and I did manage to slip my wrists over my hips and get them in front … Continue reading »

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I Love the April Tides

The weather is still a little bit on the cool side when you factor in the breeze. However, the low tides are amazing, so I ventured out this morning to see how deep I could go. I picked a new spot, close to one of my regular spots. It turned out to be a pretty … Continue reading »

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I had to get up early to catch the low tide, this morning. I almost didn’t get up in time, because I was up late last night; I did a really strict self bondage from which I could not escape until my timer released me. It was intense. The wind was gusting pretty strong, so … Continue reading »

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New Quicksand Clip

This is not just a new quicksand clip, it’s my first real quicksand clip. Wet Jeans in Quicksand  is more of a “struggling in tight, wet jeans” clip, since I only sink about knee deep in the sand. However, the struggle is 100% real. About the only thing that is staged is that I did … Continue reading »

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Today, I revisited the quicksand. It was a fun trip, but the quicksand wasn’t very deep. It might be a good thing that it wasn’t much deeper, because I got pretty well struck, a couple of times. That sand sets pretty hard, and it isn’t easy getting it to let go, when you can barely … Continue reading »

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Busy, Busy, Busy

This update is a little late. I was out last week on Thursday and I stopped by my peat mud hole to see how it weathered the winter. I hadn’t really planned to sink, because it was getting late, but the peat mud looked so good, I had to jump in for a quick struggle. … Continue reading »

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First 2015 Video Release!

It may not be the muddiest video I’ve ever produced, but it’s the first one for 2015 and I’m excited about it. The video opens when I disembark from my kayak, barefooted, wearing a black t-shirt and blue, nylon shorts. I drag my boat up and proceed to explore a muddy channel that looks promising. … Continue reading »

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