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Tight, Wet Jeans; new clip

This clip features skin tight jeans and neoprene diving boots. I wade around in the creek for the first 5 minutes of this clip. The jeans start out dry, but it doesn’t take long before they are totally wet. Soon after that, they’re muddy. I climb over a tree, struggle with some submerged mud, then … Continue reading »

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The Interview

I recorded an interview, today, that I hope to use in my “Making a Mud Movie” movie. The weather, today, is absolutely lovely. I felt like it would be appropriate to do this interview outdoors, so I made it happen. I’ll find out how successful I was when I begin to weave the interview into … Continue reading »

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A Perfect Fall Day

I put on my super-tight jeans and asked Mudwarden if he wanted to accompany me into the swamp. After updating his life insurance, he agreed to come along. We had the most beautiful weather you can imagine. The sky was completely clear, the sun was warm, there was nary a breeze blowing, and the tide … Continue reading »

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Late Season Mud

I took my weight into the swamp, today. The location I selected posed some real challenges for recording, so I opted to record with only the GoPro camera and the dedicated audio recorder. It was still a tricky businessl; after I was finished recording, I had to drag the boat to the water, so I … Continue reading »

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New Clips Released

I released 2 new clips. Most recently, I released a muddy bondage clip called “Genital Bondage in the Swamp”, from June 23. The June 23 clip has some thrills¬† and spills, but mostly I’m hanging, head first, in the mud and wriggling around a lot. The description on Clips4sale might be more thorough, but you … Continue reading »

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Late Day Low Tide

Even though the low tide was going to be very close to sunset, I ventured out in search of some deep mud. I arrived before low tide, in order to have a little extra time. I started out shooting some scenes for my documentary. For my feature video, I paired a cropped white t-shirt with … Continue reading »

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High water

I squeezed back into the jeans I wore on my last successful mud adventure, walked into the pond to get them wet, and had a friend snap a photo of me, so I’d have something for this blog entry. The water level has been really high, this week. I may have to do something in … Continue reading »

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