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New Clip in Silky White Shorts

A.K.A. “These Shorts Are Ruined”, this clip opens with a short balance beam exercise. As you might guess, it doesn’t take me long to fall off into the mud. Soon after my fall, I realize that my shorts are ruined, and that I’m getting turned on by the mud. Shortly after that, I’m stroking my … Continue reading »

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Tortured in the Swamp

Andy has been waiting a long time for this clip, so I pushed it to the front of the queue. The clip opens as I am standing, with a rope around my neck that runs up over a tree limb and is tied back to my wrists. I have just enough slack to sink up … Continue reading »

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Swamp Drama

I set out, today, to shoot a video for Andy (in the U.K.), with a cropped white t-shirt and blue speedos. I went in search of a good spot where I would be abandoned by a renegade group of natives in a a cruel bondage predicament. I wanted to have my hands tied behind my … Continue reading »

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Late Start

I got off to a late start, today, but it was a very nice day and I figured there was no harm in getting out, even if I missed the low tide. When I arrived, I found the tide wasn’t as low as I had hoped, but I had about an hour before it would … Continue reading »

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Latex Inversion Clip

I love this clip. I had a good time shooting it, and it makes me horny watching it. I set out to see how deep I could go, head first, wearing translucent purple latex briefs. Not everything went exactly to plan, but I had a great time, and it was recorded on 2 video cameras, … Continue reading »

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Clay Pit Victory!

I devised a plan to get a rope through the anchor ring at the bottom of my clay pit. The plan had some weaknesses, but it was my best chance at success since I started working on this problem at least a year ago. For those of you who may not be familiar with the … Continue reading »

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Exploring the Newport River

2014-05-20 Exploring the Newport River Today, I went to the Newport River to explore the muddy shores that I have ogled on past trips with other people. The Newport River has to be the muddiest river I’ve ever paddled. Unfortunately, most of the mud is in plain site of the main river, but there were … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Wallowing in Blue Trunks

This is the feature clip from May 6. That was the day I had a camera guy with me, so the camera follows the action pretty well in this clip. This is a wallowing and mud acrobatics clip. I’m rather fond of the metallic blue briefs I was wearing. Those are featured heavily in my … Continue reading »

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Sunday Morning

I didn’t get up early enough this morning to take full advantage of the low tide because it was pretty cool outside, but I did go into the swamp to see what I might be able to do before the tide came back in. By the time I began setting up for my first shot, … Continue reading »

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White Bikini Clip Release

You may remember my trip on Hunter’s creek on April 27. I shot two quickmud clips that day. The one in jeans and boots was released right away. Today, I finished editing the sink in the white bikini briefs. In this clip, I venture into the mud out of curiosity, and poke around a little, … Continue reading »

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A Much Better Day

Well, today’s trip into the swamp went much better, and I had a good time. The difference was probably down to a good night’s sleep. I picked out some translucent, purple, latex briefs for this trip, and I brought my breathing tube, so I could stay under for a while. My plan was to sink … Continue reading »

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Tired, Burned out, Uninspired

It’s hard to tell whether I was tired, burned out, or just uninspired, but I arrived at the mud, yesterday, and I couldn’t decide what to do. I was definitely tired, because I kicked back in my boat and dozed for a few minutes, hoping that a great idea might pop into my head. I … Continue reading »

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Black Thong, Thick Mud (new clip)

I’m not sure why you guys like the thong better than my tiny briefs, but these thong videos seem to be relatively popular. This one does not feature any really deep sinking or bondage. It is just an erotic wallowing clip that offers many gratuitous crotch shots, some exposed penis shots, masturbation, crotch rubbing, and … Continue reading »

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Walk the Plank (new clip)

This is one of the videos I shot, yesterday. I pushed it to the front of my release schedule, because I really like this clip. The opening scene features me and my evil twin. My evil twin is making me walk the blank into the mud, with my wrists bound behind my back and my … Continue reading »

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Making Up for Lost Time

Today, I was beside myself in the swamp, making up for the video I didn’t shoot, yesterday. I made myself walk the plank and left myself to drown in quickmud. Conditions were excellent for mudding, today. I went back to the spot with the thick mud, because I really enjoyed my time there, yesterday, and … Continue reading »

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