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Peat Mud Trap clip release

Peat Mud Trap opens with me, walking through the swamp in gunmetal gray shorts and a crop-top t-shirt. I walk a short way through mud, then through some woods. I then climb up on a fallen tree, and jump off the other side. Much to my chagrin, when I land on the ground, I sink … Continue reading »

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A Mixed Adventure

I almost didn’t venture into the swamp, today. I was running late, I had the wrong boat loaded, and the wind was gusting pretty hard. I packed a pair of gunmetal gray shorts, in case I did manage to go mudding. When I arrived at the water, the tide was all the way out, and … Continue reading »

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Clay Pit Bondage Clip

The Clay Pit (predicament) Bondage video is now available in my male mud clip store. Please see my previous post for more details. The video opens while I’m still sitting upright on the pole. I fall forward onto my bound hands, which begin to sink into the thick clay. I tug in vain at the … Continue reading »

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Clay Pit Bondage

Yesterday was the 3rd time I set up and video taped this exact same scenario. The first time, the audio got messed up. The second time, it was better, but the tripod was getting bumped by the pole to which I was tied. The third time, I had a friend over to operate the camera. … Continue reading »

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Swamping in Leather Shorts clip

The clip from Sunday’s adventure is available, now for download from our male mud clip store. The clip is 27 minutes of erotic play in thick, black mud. In the opening sequence, I am stepping into the mud with my side-lacing leather shorts. There are closeups of the shorts and my muddy legs. Once I’m … Continue reading »

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A Really Muddy Day

Today I set out early and packed leather shorts for a different look. The tide was not as low as it could have been, but it was low enough for what I had planned. Of course, nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but this trip was pretty close to clockwork. I killed some time, catching … Continue reading »

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Kayaking at low tide

I managed to get muddy up to the top of my thighs, while exploring, today. However, my trip turned out to be a 5 mile paddle, with very little mud. I was late getting to the swamp, and the low tide was mediocre, at best. There was a stiff wind, creating a wind tide. Also, … Continue reading »

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Weighted Genitals, Deep Mud

I released another bondage in mud clip, today. In this one, I have my lead weight (15KB/34lbs) tied to my genitals, pulling me down into the mud. I’ve also got my breathing tube, so I can let the weight pull me completely under. A lot of the action in this video is hidden under the … Continue reading »

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Clean but wet adventures

We’re having our local paddle festival this weekend, and I’ll be paddling a dragon boat on Sunday. I sure hope it has a scary looking dragon head! I intend to hang around the festivities with my kayak all weekend. My next muddy adventure won’t be until the middle of next week, at the earliest. I … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Dive Right In

I have just added a new clip to my male mud clip store. This clip is from my adventure on August 18. When I arrived at the mud, I dove right in; head first. From there, it was just a series of inversions and immersions, with the occasional close up of my muddy crotch. There … Continue reading »

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