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The Last Fngibtm Clip

This is the last clip from Jim’s visit in 2012. It is called Fngibtm’s 2012 Vacation, since it doesn’t look like he’s having much of a vacation. In the first half of the clip, we’re out in the swamp and Jim is tied between 2 trees. I cover his head with peat mud, and I … Continue reading »

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Horny Mud Clip

This is the 2nd of 2 clips shot on July 3, when I wore a crop top and super tight swim briefs. I was done shooting serious quicksand clips, so I just had a pleasant, erotic, slow immersion on camera. I talk some, about the mud. I struggle back out, on camera and rub my … Continue reading »

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4 Hours of Mud!

This morning, when I was checking the tide tables, I looked at the wrong tide table. Consequently, I went out about 3 hours early. When I got out to the swamp, the tide wasn’t very low (I didn’t know I was early), but I had a plan to shoot a video in a t-shirt, jeans, … Continue reading »

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Mudpit Bondage clip

The Mudpit Bondage clip I shot on June 28 is now available in my clip store. The clip features a 10 minute struggle in a strict and painful hogtie, in some black sticky stuff that hardly qualifies for mud, but sure makes a mess.

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Tuesday Swamping

It was a typical work-day morning, but I was determined to break out around 10:00 to catch the low tide. Things didn’t quite go as planned, and I was running late, when I finally put my kayak on the creek. The tide was not as low as I had hoped, but it was low enough … Continue reading »

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Rainy week

We got a lot of rain, this past week. Heather Blake and I went paddling on the creek Sunday morning (7/14), but the creek was still running high, thanks to the recent precipitation. Since the water was covering most of the mud, Heather and I wandered off into one of my favorite non-mudding spots to … Continue reading »

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No Escape! 2013-07-05

I worked pretty hard, making this clip. I had to move the camera about 9 times, with my hands tied behind my back. You can see, by the promo picture, that I was wearing my new blue speedos. I slog around the swamp a little bit before getting completely mired down in the hungry mud. … Continue reading »

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Speedos in Mud release

Announcing the release of the Speedos In Mud clip from my July 3 trip. This clip is only 6 minutes long, but it’s packed with action. There is a short opening shot where you get to see me, wading in the creek, before I get muddy. Then you see me slogging through the mud, struggling … Continue reading »

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The Slippery Slope

I went mudding yesterday (July 5, 2013), for the second time this week. I wore my new swim briefs, again, but this time, I didn’t wear a shirt. My wrists were tied behind my back the entire time; including while I was setting up the camera for each of about 15 shots. The promo image … Continue reading »

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Another great day in the mud

I know you guys don’t want to hear about yet another hot mud adventure. How about if I complain about how much work it was? I arrived at the creek after the tide had gone mostly out, so I had to slog my way into my favorite quickmud spot. I tried to get some of … Continue reading »

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Mud Bondage Fantasy clip

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen these images before. I shot this scene first on June 20, but I wasn’t satisfied with the camera angle, so I reshot it on June 29. The June 20 video was pretty erotic, but the June 29 video is even better, and that’s what I used for the … Continue reading »

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