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May 29 clay pit movie now available

The claypit bondage movie from May 29, in which I struggle in the clay wearing my navy blue Italian briefs is now available in my clips4sale store. Click here to view the trailer (posted previously)

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Swamping on June 25, 2011

Heather and I went out kayaking today and the tide was unusually low, so we visited one of my deepest and most treacherous mud holes. It was difficult getting there. I pulled Heather in her boat behind me in the deep mud, and I fought off vicious, determined crabs. It was like running a gauntlet. … Continue reading »

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Movie release

The 2011-06-07 Swamp Bondage movie is now available on Clips4Sale. Why is everyone so quiet? There haven’t been many comments, lately. It’s always great to hear from you guys, and it’s a little disconcerting when it gets too quiet. You can comment on pictures, videos, posts, and pages. Also, if you’ve had an adventure you … Continue reading »

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Swamp bondage, 2nd attempt

I’ve been fantasizing about my last weighted bondage sink since I shot it. Yesterday I had a chance to go back out and take another shot at it. My video camera got some of it, but the one I used stops recording at 20 minutes, so it didn’t get the entire scene. I had a … Continue reading »

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June 13 movie release

Today is the official release date of the May 24 Clay pit Follies movie. You can now purchase the clip in my Clips4Sale store. I did go out to the swamp on June 11, and I recorded the following clip. It was supposed to be longer, but I failed to start the camera recording for … Continue reading »

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New Swamp Bondage movie (teaser)

2011-06-07_teaser Well, here is another teaser for an upcoming movie clip. I was alone when I shot this one. The audio in the movie is pretty good. I used an off-camera microphone that was pretty close to me and pointed right at me, rather than the mics on the camera that tend to get more … Continue reading »

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Free clip from June 5 mudding

2011-06-05 Quickmud Hijinks (requires Quicktime 7 or higher) — sorry about the wind noise, it was a “quick and dirty” shoot —

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Mudding on June 5, 2011

I didn’t plan to go mudding when I ventured out in my kayak on that fateful Sunday afternoon. I just had to get out and stretch. I’d been working around the yard too much, and my back had been nagging me. I set out just after 3pm. The tide had crested and was just beginning … Continue reading »

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Tarzan Escapes on Pet Elephant!

So there I was, tormenting my Tarzan, when out of nowhere, this freaking ELEPHANT comes along, unties him, and takes off with him!!! Ugh! I’ve heard elephant soup is pretty tasty…

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Saturday morning update

First I want to point out a couple of things that may not be obvious. There is a new page on the menu, for those who haven’t discovered it. It is the Tarzan page, where I’ll be posting my Tarzan related pictures and stories. The second thing I wanted to point out is that I … Continue reading »

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Heather Blake’s new movie

Heather is too shy to post about her own movies, so I have to do it. She did make the graphic you see here, though. She is a very talented young woman. Her recent movie is finally available in my Clips4Sale Damsels store. It will soon be available on Heather’s store, if you’re a … Continue reading »

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