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New Clip: The Crossing

I shot this one on August 27 on Hunters Creek. In this clip, I’m dressed in a sleeveless top, jeans, boots and my trusty hat. I explore the swamp a little before attempting to cross an expanse of quickmud using a grappling hook and a rope for assistance. Things don’t go as planned and I … Continue reading »

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Much Needed Adventure

I went paddling on Hunters Creek yesterday. That creek is where I did most of my early exploring back in the mid 90’s. I paddled past the sites of some of my early videos. If I hadn’t had a destination selected, I would have stopped at a few places along the way, just for old … Continue reading »

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Revisiting an old mud hole

I had been pondering a trip out to the river for a while. Yesterday, I decided to make the drive and explore a spot that I haven’t visited in over 5 years. I used to have a bit of a clearing where I pulled my boat up on shore and a trail to my mud … Continue reading »

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Video Experimentation

On April 4, I went out around low tide. I was actually a little late, but it was kind of cool and very windy, so it wasn’t a good day for getting naked and wet. However, I had a mission. I had been testing a low-tech panning trick at home, that involves nothing more than … Continue reading »

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New Denim Shorts

I went for a paddle, yesterday, and I took my recently acquired denim shorts. Those of you who follow me on deviantArt may have seen a high resolution photo of me, wearing these shorts. I love the way they look on me. So, yesterday the tide didn’t get very low on the creek, but I … Continue reading »

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The Documentary, Finally!

Well, I finally finished my “Making of a Mud Movie” movie. I left out the parts about editing, uploading, and promoting a mud video, because those things are just tedious. The documentary clip almost plays like a “best of” clip, since I used so many bits from my huge collection of mud video, although those … Continue reading »

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Public Service Announcement

Something everyone should know about the swamp. Download Link

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Two Days in the Swamp

I’ve managed to make two trips into the swamp in the past two days. I’ve been trying to shoot a fully dressed, explorer style video, and the low tides aren’t giving me much with which to work, so I started shooting yesterday and I finished today in a different location. The locations I selected worked … Continue reading »

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A Long Dry Spell

The last time I got out to the swamp, it was August 14 and we had gotten 1.8″ (4.5 cm) of rain the day before. I was so excited about getting out to the swamp, I didn’t even consider the previous day’s rainfall, which I had recorded on my calendar just 12 hours before. I … Continue reading »

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Crotch Level Photos

This is a little embarrassing. I was trying to recreate a cool image I got on my GoPro last year, but all I got was a bunch of crotch level photos of me, up to my thighs in mud, wearing a speedo. They started out clean, as these things usually do. Then I worked my … Continue reading »

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Yellow Trunks

The tides have been uncooperative, this past week, and I’ve had a lot of work to do. Today is the 2nd day I wanted to go out early to catch an early morning low tide, but the temperature was too cool. The cool nights are wonderful, so I hate to complain, but I’m not going … Continue reading »

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Today, I revisited the quicksand. It was a fun trip, but the quicksand wasn’t very deep. It might be a good thing that it wasn’t much deeper, because I got pretty well struck, a couple of times. That sand sets pretty hard, and it isn’t easy getting it to let go, when you can barely … Continue reading »

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First 2015 Video Release!

It may not be the muddiest video I’ve ever produced, but it’s the first one for 2015 and I’m excited about it. The video opens when I disembark from my kayak, barefooted, wearing a black t-shirt and blue, nylon shorts. I drag my boat up and proceed to explore a muddy channel that looks promising. … Continue reading »

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Mostly Muddy

The weather was pretty good today. It was 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20C) and sunny. There was a strong gusty wind that gave me a bit of a chill. The low tide was amazing. It was low from the time I set out on the water until after I returned to my car. That was about … Continue reading »

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The weather forecast today was for rain and thunderstorms, but it was looking pretty safe around 10:00 this morning, and low tide was around 11:00. I figured I wouldn’t get time to play, but I wanted to have a look around and take a short stroll through the bog, if nothing else. The weather was … Continue reading »

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