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Getting Out on a Nice December Day

Your browser does not support this feature. Use the download link, below. It was very mild on December 3 and I managed to slip out, even though I’ve been very busy in the office. It was around 20C (68F) and the sun was very warm. Unfortunately, the tide wasn’t very low. I was going to … Continue reading »

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Return to the Newport River

The clock was ticking, and there was still a lot to do before I could leave the house. Low tide was at 3:30, and it was already 3:00. I wanted to go back to the Newport River to play in some of that awesome river mud. I also had to stop at the bike shop, … Continue reading »

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River Exploration Clip Released

I uploaded the full length, high quality version of the Newport River Exploration clip in my clip store. This isn’t my usual drama or quickmud play scene. The exploration clip features many different shots and scenes, documented on a GoPro (waterproof action cam). The audio on the GoPro is muted when it’s in it’s waterproof … Continue reading »

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Late Start

I got off to a late start, today, but it was a very nice day and I figured there was no harm in getting out, even if I missed the low tide. When I arrived, I found the tide wasn’t as low as I had hoped, but I had about an hour before it would … Continue reading »

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Exploring the Newport River

2014-05-20 Exploring the Newport River Today, I went to the Newport River to explore the muddy shores that I have ogled on past trips with other people. The Newport River has to be the muddiest river I’ve ever paddled. Unfortunately, most of the mud is in plain site of the main river, but there were … Continue reading »

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Video Blog Entry

It took me some time to edit this, because I underestimated just how bad the audio pickup would be from my GoPro. I had to add sub-titles so you could understand what I was saying. I couldn’t just throw away the clip, because those wet jeans fit me so well. (there is a download link … Continue reading »

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First Clip from the New Spot

This is the first of 2 sinks, plus the video I shot while I was slogging around after the sink. The sink goes pretty fast. I fall in and disappear in under 2 minutes. I know, that’s too fast, but I didn’t time it, while I was doing it. Sometimes drowning in quickmud doesn’t go … Continue reading »

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Exploring, Day 2

On Sunday, April 27, I ventured out to Hunter’s Creek, alone. I went out several hours before low tide, so I put in several miles upstream from the mud spot and paddled further upstream, just beyond a beaver dam. The scenery above the beaver dam was spectacular, and the wildlife was abundant. I got out … Continue reading »

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I was out paddling on Hunters Creek, yesterday, with a group of paddlers, when I stumbled upon the scene pictured here. The mud probably isn’t very deep, and it may be full of timber, but it looks like a treacherous swamp scene. I’m pretty sure I will have to check it out, soon. I’m entertaining … Continue reading »

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Camping in the Croatan

I had a get together with some people on Saturday, for a hike and picnic in the national forest. After that, a friend and I were canoeing to a campsite somewhere on Hunters creek. We left kind of late, and the sun was threatening to set on us, so we detoured up a small tributary … Continue reading »

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2013-Oct-01 Improvising

I made yet another attempt at mudding, yesterday. Yesterday was my 3rd trip to the swamp that didn’t work out as planned, thanks to a high tide level. It may be seasonal, or it may be the moon phase. Anyway, yesterday was the worst low tide I’ve encountered in some time. Even my peat bog … Continue reading »

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Kayaking at low tide

I managed to get muddy up to the top of my thighs, while exploring, today. However, my trip turned out to be a 5 mile paddle, with very little mud. I was late getting to the swamp, and the low tide was mediocre, at best. There was a stiff wind, creating a wind tide. Also, … Continue reading »

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Exploring a Tributary

This morning, when I was supposed to be working, I slipped out for a short paddle on the creek. I figured I would miss most of the low tide, because I left late, but I caught the tail end of it, so I decided to slog up a side canal that I hadn’t explored in … Continue reading »

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Rainy week

We got a lot of rain, this past week. Heather Blake and I went paddling on the creek Sunday morning (7/14), but the creek was still running high, thanks to the recent precipitation. Since the water was covering most of the mud, Heather and I wandered off into one of my favorite non-mudding spots to … Continue reading »

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April 6, Excursion

It was a little bit chilly, thanks to a brisk wind. It was also a bit windy, for the same reason … Your browser does not support this feature. Use the download link, below. Download the MPEG4 clip … but the sun was shining so I ventured out to get muddy. I wasn’t sure just … Continue reading »

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