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Heather Blake returns, and other news

First let me say that I’ve released the new Heather Blake movie in our Damsels clip store. Having said that, I must confess that I’m way behind in movie editing. I’ve still got some mud bondage video that I shot in May which hasn’t been released. The video I shot on July 4 is pretty … Continue reading »

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HB Rides Again!

The critters in the swamp don’t frighten Heather Blake. I found her, sauntering about the swamp in a silver bikini, yesterday. I took the photo on the left just before she wandered off into the mud. Of course, I shot video of everything I could. Eventually, she crossed a deep sluice of mud and disappeared … Continue reading »

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Heels & Latex

The movie I shot with Victoria Lee is now available for download in our damsels clips4sale store. There is a free teaser/trailer you may view in our Video Teasers section.

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Victoria Lee in the Swamp

The tides were messing with me, again today. It all worked out alright, for what I was planning, but I should have had a much lower tide than I did. I hope, someday I understand all of the factors that determine when the tide is going to be good for swamping. I knew I might … Continue reading »

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