The Back Yard

Spring is Here!

Yesterday, and most of today, the weather was quite pleasant. However, as I write this, there is a cold front moving in, so we’re back to the cool, windy weather we expect from March. At least it’s now officially spring! So, I did some maintenance on the new mudpit in the woods, yesterday. I made … Continue reading »

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New Free Content

All of the new free videos are now on-line. I put them on the Video Teasers page. 2018-02-24 Coming Out-take is the muddy escape video from Feb 24’s death-by-quicksand scene 2018-03-16 Scouting from a Tree is a silly clip of me, in the woods and climbing a tree 2018-03-17 Dressed to Kill is a test … Continue reading »

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Lots of Free Stuff

I have not been back out to the mud, but I haven’t been stuck in the office, either. A few days ago, I went into the woods to shoot some video and tie myself to some trees. On that trip, I made a short video of me, climbing a tree. Yesterday, I decided I wanted … Continue reading »

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Another clean bondage clip

Our unseasonably warm February gave way to a more seasonable March. It’s been cool and windy so far. However, it was 65F (18C) on March 10, so I went into the woods, where I have protection from the wind, to shoot some bondage video. I recorded a couple of scenes, and I had a pretty … Continue reading »

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Something different

Today, I did something different. As some of you may know by now, I have an assistant, which opens up some new possibilities.  I was tied between 2 trees while she poured cold, black mud over me. It was a warm day, but my mud pit was too cold for me to get immersed in … Continue reading »

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Video Log Entry

Today (Nov 25, 2017), after I was finished with some household repairs, I had to step out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It was around 20C (68F) today. I walked back into the woods, stomped around in the new mud pit for a few minutes, rinsed off, then set about rigging a self-bondage … Continue reading »

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Shooting “Buried Alive”

Today, we shot a clip that I’m going to call “Buried Alive”, because that’s pretty much what it’s about. This past Sunday I dug out the mud-pit I made in the woods. I moved all of the contents onto a plastic sheet, made the pit a few inches deeper, and generally cleaned it up. I … Continue reading »

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Buried Alive (concept clip)

This is an edited clip from my experimental scene where I was slowly buried in the mud pit. Please see the note below the clip. There are more details in my previous blog entry. Side Note: I’ve been posting a lot of free content, lately, since I haven’t been able to go into the swamp … Continue reading »

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Mud Pit Concept Clip

This idea starts with a man, tied down to anchors in the bottom of a pit. His head is also tied down, so he can’t raise it and he has a short piece of pipe in his mouth so he will be able to breathe, even when the mud overtakes his face. Which brings us … Continue reading »

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Long Weekend

I haven’t even started on the lift for my kayak trailer, so I still can’t go kayaking. It’s been raining way too much, anyway. I have been making the most of the weekend, and trying not to inflict too much stress on my spine. I worked a bit on the new mud pit in the woods, … Continue reading »

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Yet Another Archery Video

Look people, I have a very complicated camera and I’m still figuring it out, *and* I love to make archery videos. So back off! 🙂 I shot this video in 4K on an overcast day, which makes for some awesome imagery. I also set up a stereo microphone configuration so you could hear the bow … Continue reading »

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Biding my Time Before Surgery

I’ve got a consult scheduled for next week with a surgeon, regarding my back. In the mean time, I’m just trying to avoid further injury and keep in shape. In this video, I’m doing some pull-ups, while waiting for my laundry to dry. It’s not a great video. Just a status update. I hope you … Continue reading »

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Nowhere to Turn (clean bondage clip)

This clip is just awesome. I wish someone had poured mud over my face, just to make it even better! I shot this with 3 cameras and I got some great angles. Every camera was set for perfect focus and exposure. That, in itself, doesn’t make a great video, but combine 3 perfect perspectives with … Continue reading »

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New Archery Wardrobe

So, I love to shoot archery videos because they are fun to edit. Maybe, I’ll get tired of shooting them, someday, but I saw this top and decided I had to have it for my next archery video. The top arrived in the mail, today, so I took a few photos to show off my … Continue reading »

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Muddy Pleasures now in C4S store

Here is a link: Muddy Pleasures, 2017-05-22 Apparently C4S had a bug, and they wanted to fix it before I re-uploaded the clip. It is all set up, now. Sorry about the delay.

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