New Tarzan Clip!

I know, I know … I killed Tarzan in the swamp last year. That was before I decided to make a mud pit in the woods, which makes a great location for Tarzan adventures. In this clip, we find “Tarzan”, taking a leisurely walk in his “jungle” when he is struck by a dart that … Continue reading »

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New Tarzan Clip

The Demise of Tarzan, 2016-08-16 I’m afraid this clip doesn’t end well for Tarzan. He’s having a lively stroll through the marsh grass, wearing only his camouflage loin cloth. Tarzan likes to travel light. Without warning, the ground gives way under his feet and he finds himself sucked into the bottomless ooze. I hate to … Continue reading »

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Treacherous Mud Clip

I haven’t released a clip yet in July, because I’ve been swamped! Ha Ha! I put this one together from my most recent adventure. In this clip, I put on my new Tarzan thong and attempt to cross the mud on the bamboo pole with my wrists tied behind my back. I plunge into the … Continue reading »

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Splashdown in New Thong

I finally got back out to the swamp, yesterday. Between inconvenient tide times and hurricanes, my swamp time has been limited. I even had a great low tide, yesterday, as we’re heading for another full moon (spring tides). I have this new Tarzan thong that is a thong with front and back pieces that hang … Continue reading »

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Tarzan Goes Under (new clip)

I just released the Tarzan clip. It’s a 9 minute clip. I’m wearing my leather, lace-up thong, I fall into quickmud and it’s not long before I drown. That all takes about 6 minutes. After that, I climb out and clean up in the creek. Enjoy! Here is a link: Tarzan Goes Under

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A New Camera Operator

I was finally able to coordinate a trip with a friend of mine who has offered to operate a camera for me on a mud shoot. I wanted to do a Tarzan themed video in the woods, so I put on my lace-up, leather thong and we went to the peat swamp. Since this was … Continue reading »

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Tides and Tarzan photos

Although it was only 45 degrees, with a cold, northerly wind this morning, I wrangled Heather into taking a trip with me, deep into the swamp. Recently, I’ve been frustrated with my success in predicting low tides. The wind has been blowing from the South and the tides have been higher than usual. A couple … Continue reading »

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Tarzan Escapes on Pet Elephant!

So there I was, tormenting my Tarzan, when out of nowhere, this freaking ELEPHANT comes along, unties him, and takes off with him!!! Ugh! I’ve heard elephant soup is pretty tasty… 😉

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