New Clay Pit Clip

I released “Balls Deep in the Clay” on Clips4Sale this morning. I step into the clay pit, stir it a bit, then sit down and tie a rope around my genitals that goes through a ring at the bottom of the clay pit and back up to an overhead point that is out of reach. … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Swamp Wallow

On July 6, I paddled to one of my favorite mud holes. This time I went for the thick mud. I used only my GoPro camera, so I could just keep moving and playing, and drag the camera with me. In spite of that, the video quality was more than adequate. The audio is also … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Bound to be Dropped

I posted the new clip on C4S today. I am going to hold off on posting to UMD, because I’m thinking of editing a shorter version of it. In the meantime, the full version is here: Bound to be Dropped My previous post has more details about this scene.

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Face Down in the Clay (new clip)

This was a fun clip to make. I think it’s interesting because you can see me wriggling my hips, trying to minimize the discomfort and also teasing myself at the same time. The best way to appreciate this clip is to watch the free teaser clip, but here is a description in case the setup … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Plastic Covered Swamp Mud

On May 11, I took a heavier sheet of plastic into the swamp to give it one more shot. This time, I selected a spot in the swamp where the mud wasn’t so thick, so I would be able to sink deeper. The softer mud made it harder to manage the plastic, so I had … Continue reading »

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The second Tarzan Trial Clip

Since Tarzan couldn’t escape from his first predicament (see Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1), he had to endure yet another torturous, inescapable torment. In this scene, Tarzan is tied across the pit again, but this time, he is in an upright position. His left wrist is tied to a tree on one side of the pit … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Sunbathing Gone Wrong

This is the first clip I recorded on April 13. I am probably going to try this again in the near future, with some heavier plastic. This scene opens with me, lying on the plastic on top of some very thick, deep mud. Of course, when I try to get up, the plastic begins to … Continue reading »

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Tarzan’s Trials, Vol 1

The last time we saw Tarzan he sank out of sight in a bog and we thought he was a goner. However, he was rescued by a band of natives who wanted the opportunity to torture him. This clip is the first trial to which Tarzan is subjected. He is stretched out over a muddy … Continue reading »

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First of 3 New Clips

I recorded 3 clips when I went out on 4/13 (see blog entry). In case you want to save your money for your favorite, there is one where I attempt lying on a sheet of plastic on top of the mud and sink with the plastic wrapping around me and getting tangles in my legs. … Continue reading »

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New Self Bondage Clip

This is a pretty unique self bondage clip. It opens as I prepare the scene, set up the equipment and lock myself in. The computer commands the actuator to retract, which makes things pretty tight for me. The original plan was to be stuck there for 10 minutes, but a strange woman in boots walks … Continue reading »

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New Messy Bondage clip

This is the scene we shot, yesterday. I was tied to a tree in my red and black latex briefs. My wrists were bound behind the tree, my shoulders were lashed to the tree, and my genitals were also tied to the tree. I couldn’t really move as my lovely assistant dumped thick, black mud … Continue reading »

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A New Predicament Clip

After preparing the mud-pit and building a tripod over it, it was the perfect time to do a predicament bondage scene. Although this scene isn’t technically a predicament; it’s more like a slippery slope into a messy trap. The way this setup was supposed to work, my wrists would pull slack from the rope tied … Continue reading »

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New Clip: Swamp Bondage

This one is getting a little old. I just got around to uploading it. Obviously, I shot it on February 11 when I was horsing around in the swamp on one of the first nice days we had. I was wearing a thong and trying some bondage ideas in the thick mud under an old … Continue reading »

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New Free Content

All of the new free videos are now on-line. I put them on the Video Teasers page. 2018-02-24 Coming Out-take is the muddy escape video from Feb 24’s death-by-quicksand scene 2018-03-16 Scouting from a Tree is a silly clip of me, in the woods and climbing a tree 2018-03-17 Dressed to Kill is a test … Continue reading »

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Lots of Free Stuff

I have not been back out to the mud, but I haven’t been stuck in the office, either. A few days ago, I went into the woods to shoot some video and tie myself to some trees. On that trip, I made a short video of me, climbing a tree. Yesterday, I decided I wanted … Continue reading »

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