This Could be the End of Another Experiment

Well, I’m not sure yet how this will turn out, but here’s a heads-up. Recently, I posted the “Bound in the Rain” video on PornHub for free viewing. It got 6 views before someone reported it as “non-consensual sexual activity”, which makes no sense at all.

First, there was no sexual activity in the clip, whatsoever. Most of my bondage clips involve some sort of genital bondage, which I would deem as sexual, but that clip doesn’t even have that. The entire theme of the clip was just to be bound in the woods, in the rain. I wasn’t even gagged, which the reviewer claimed.

The video in question shows a model being bound and gagged. This type of content must show clear consent. Consent must be clearly established in the video.

The problem with this is much larger than this one silly clip. The “Bound in the Rain” clip was probably the most non-sexual, safe clip I’ve posted on PornHub, with the possible exception of the “Making a Mud Movie” movie. If they can reject a bondage clip with no sexual content and no gag which would probably get a PG rating in a mainstream movie, most of my content is going to be subject to rejection if anyone reports it.

So, depending on the resolution of this ruling, and how things progress from here, this may be the end of my PornHub experiment. Needless to say, I’m still maintaining my clip store. That is because I still get some sales and I can use every dollar I can make while my regular business is mostly shut down. I’m living on my savings account, these days. I can’t turn my back on any revenue source. In case you’re wondering, I get about $2 a month from PornHub views and I still haven’t seen any of that money. It’s not going to be a difficult financial decision to close down my PornHub channel if it becomes a source of too much angst.

Regarding the angst, when my videos are targeted for no apparent reason, I can’t help but feel the rules are not being applied consistently. In this age of black lives matter, I hesitate to say that I’m being persecuted, but I am pretty sure I could find 100 videos with women bound and gagged, apparently against their will, that actually contain sexual activity and that would never be rejected by PornHub. Just the fact that they picked my most recent video to reject, even though I have much better examples of non-consensual sexual activity in my catalog leads me to believe that someone who has never watched my other videos flagged that video and the reviewer didn’t even bother to watch it before rejecting it.

But that’s just me.

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Rainy Day Bondage?

I added a new clip to my clip store that is not really a mud clip, but this seemed like the best place to put it. In this clip, I am tied up in the woods in the rain. It’s just a basic, uncomfortable bondage against which I struggle aggressively.

We’ve been getting rain every day, lately, and the estuaries have been running too high to do anything in the swamp mud. The mosquitoes in the woods are big enough to knock my camera over. In spite of all that, I decided I was going to make the best of the situation and I set up to shoot a video in the rain.

I had to keep the bondage simple, but I also wanted it to be a difficult and convincing predicament. As it turned out, I got myself tied up tight enough that I really could not escape. Of course, I had a plan to get free. I tied my ankles to a tree and I tied my wrists behind my back and to another tree in strappado fashion. It was difficult to get my wrists hiked up far enough, but I managed. I’m glad I didn’t get them any higher, because it was a pretty challenging bondage as it was.

I only had two complaints about the video. The first is that I didn’t really get a good angle on my face when I was face down in the mud puddle. The second is that the rain was pretty loud, but that’s not a huge deal.

Clip link: Bound in the Rain, 2020-06-22

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A Windy Day in the Swamp

With an impending full moon and no recent rain, the afternoon low tide was likely to be pretty low. The wind was blowing pretty hard, which threatened to create a wind tide, but I figured it would be nice to go for a paddle, even if I couldn’t find any mud.

The wind turned out to be a real challenge for this out-of-condition old man. I tried to maintain a strong but sustainable cadence as I labored against a strong headwind. I did get breaks from the wind, as the river snakes back and forth. I had a 2.5 mile (4 km) paddle to my destination.

When I arrived, I encountered an unexpected obstacle. It’s kind ironic that I had packed a lot of gear for this trip but the one thing I really needed, I didn’t have. That was my machete. The grass had grown up since my last visit and my naked body was no match for the sadistic saw grass. By the time I made my way to the mud, I was bleeding in multiple places and I had lost much of my enthusiasm.

I did go in the mud (as you can see in the pictures), and I tried to enjoy myself as much as I could. I only set up one camera to record the event. Once I finished, I had to make my way back to the creek through the tall grass to clean up, then I had to go back to get the camera, and finally return to the boat. By the time I was back at my boat, I was a bloody mess. I still had time to sink some more, but I just wasn’t up for another pass through the gauntlet. If I had brought my machete, I could have cleared a path, but alas, I did not.

The paddle back to the car was also an exercise in endurance, but needless to say, I made it back and my arms got a great workout.

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Mud-Pit Maintenance

Check out this PornHub video to see what fun I had, today, working on the mud pit.

I stripped down to my jean cut-offs, grabbed a shovel, and headed into the woods to check the condition of the mud-pit and give it a stir. I ended up taking off my cut-offs and having fun. I was wearing my thong with a built in cock-ring under my jeans. Sadly, I didn’t include any frames of my naked penis, but if you must see it, it’s in the PornHub video.

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Bank Censorship FYI

Just FYI, the quicksand videos are disappearing from my store as each one gets flagged for featuring an actor dying. Today, my Oct 4, 2019 video (“Far Off the Beaten Path”) was removed. A month ago it was “Left to Die”, which had a pretty damning title from a time when these rules didn’t apply.

Now, mind you, the banks are happy to bankroll high budget movies that feature actors getting maimed, mutilated, tortured, raped and brutally murdered, but if I even hint at a nefarious end, the video is banned.

This could go one of two ways: Either the quicksand videos will disappear forever, or I’ll put some of them on PornHub either for purchase or for free viewing. I’m sure PornHub will catch up to C4S soon enough, but it might buy me some time.

As I sit here writing this, it’s obvious that I have never died in one of my clips. It is all just fantasy role playing and it would be perfectly legal for me to do it if I were not selling “adult” content.

Just be warned, this is what the future has in store for us. If you want a collection of quicksand videos, you’d better not waste too much time.

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New Erotic Swamp Bondage Clip

This clip is from May 14, 2020. I uploaded a short Vlog/preview clip to PornHub. The preview includes some behind the scenes that is not in the download clip on C4S.

On May 14, I went back to a rig I set up last year and had mostly forgotten about. The rig is simply an 8 ft board with steel rings screwed into both ends, then driven into the mud at an angle. By passing a rope through the ring that is buried deep in the mud and tying one end of the rope to my body, I can pass the free end of the rope through the top ring and tie that off to hold myself down in the mud. By adding a one-way tightener, it’s possible to pull myself deeper and deeper and just keep taking up the slack in the rope so I cannot resurface.

As I often do, I tied the rope around my genitals so I would be pulled down by my cock and balls. Personally, I find that makes the struggle very erotic. Once it was pulled deep enough, with my ankles tied around the board at the surface, all I had to do was lean back to both tug at my cock and force my head under the mud.

By the time I was done playing, I was getting cold, so I didn’t get to masturbate to orgasm. I had to get rinsed off, dried and dressed so I could raise my core body temperature. It was, however, an excellent adventure and a much needed break from the project I was working on.

Going Down for Erotic Pleasure, 2020-05-14

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May 14 Mud-Break

I started making a video blog about this trip, but my narration just sounded corny. I went out today because the tide was looking like it might get very low and I needed a break from my demolition project.

The weather was a mild 70F/21C with a light breeze. It could have been warmer. I was shivering by the time I got ready to clean up, and the water isn’t very warm. I was fine once I was dried off; the sun was very warm.

Right now, I’m just exhausted, so I’ll leave you with a video frame. I’ll describe the scene when I release the video. I had a good time.

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New Swamp Clip!

Well, the May 2 Blue Latex Bikini clip is now available for purchase/download from Clips4Sale. Please use this link to order it, at least through May 2020.

If you want more details on this clip, there is a description on C4S and my previous blog entry has more frames and some back story. There is also a free teaser/preview on PornHub and on C4S.

Swamp Bliss in a Latex Bikini, 2020-05-02

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Saturday in the Swamp

Well, actually, I did more kayaking than mudding. The low tide was pretty brief, and I may have arrive a little late. There were a lot of people on the creek, so I had to select a spot with a super private cleanup area.

When I got to the mud hole and got my camera set up, I stripped down to a tiny latex bikini and dove right in. The mud was pretty warm, so I was able to lay back and enjoy the smooth mud.

There isn’t much to say about this trip. I was only in the mud for about 20 minutes, after which I cleaned up and paddled home. In spite of not having much work in the office, I’ve been super busy with other projects. I hope to finish up some things before it gets hot, then I can spend more time in the swamp.

There will, eventually, be a short video from this trip. I did remember to bring the microphone for the camera and there were no problems with the video, aside from harsh sun, but I needed that sun to keep me warm, so I’m not complaining. I think this is the last you’ll see of that blue, latex bikini. I’m just not crazy about it.

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April 17 Vlog Entry

Yesterday (April 17) the weather was mild, but the wind was chilling. I hadn’t been out in a while, so I really wanted to get out on the water and get some exercise, if nothing else. I took one camera and a tripod, some warm clothes, my water bottle, and my blue, PVC shorts. I forgot sunscreen and my external microphone with a wind screen. As a result, the audio in the video is a total loss because the wind was almost constant.

I have a longer video edit that shows me getting ready, playing in the mud for about 10 minutes and getting cleaned up/dressed. However, I don’t know if that video will ever go anywhere, since there is no usable audio.

For now, enjoy this short v-log entry:

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New Clip: Muddy Climax

This is the last of the three clips I shot on October 4, 2019. This is the shortest one, and it’s more or less a finale for the other two clips. By the time I had finished the first 2 clips, I was so horny I just had to cum before I cleaned up to return home.

For all intents and purposes, I am naked in this clip. I do have a steel cock ring secured by a rope harness fashioned from my belt and some shock cord. Once I’m covered in mud, you really can’t tell. About all you’re going to see in this clip is my legs and my muddy cock.

Here is the link: The Muddy Climax, 2019-10-04 (once again, if you use this link before the end of April, I’ll get 100% of the purchase price)

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New Mud Pit Clip

I published my first clip of the year in my mud pit in the woods. Since I have to stay home, I’m going to spend some time working on that pit in the near future.

This this clip, I’m doing some simple bondage to make it interesting. My ankles are tied to the overhead frame and my genitals are tied to the hard point under the mud. I am wearing my red ball gag and my wrists are tied. The blue latex briefs I wore don’t cover much, but that’s what makes them great, right?

It’s a nice struggle with some earnest moaning. Otherwise the only thing really notable is that I used my robotic camera jib. The jib was suffering from a problem caused by a bad servo that I have since replaced, but it wasn’t as smooth as it should have been. I edited out most of the rough spots, but you might see some shaky camera bits. Sorry about that. I shouldn’t have that problem, going forward.

Here is the Clips4Sale store link: Mud Pit Initiation 2020 (please use this link at least through the end of April, so I can get 100% of the price – Thank you)

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New Erotic Thong Clip

I finished editing all of the clips from Oct 4, 2019. This one is the the second of three clips. The last one is a shorter clip; it is the happy ending clip after a long day of mudding.

But I digress … the clip I just put in my store is Erotic Mud Fun in a Yellow Thong. Please use the link on this site if you want to purchase the clip; at least until the end of April, 2020.

In this clip, I go back into the mud wearing only a yellow thong. I start out doing a fairly fast, vertical sink. I go completely under, just to get my blood flowing. Then I work my legs back to the surface so I can lie back and play with myself in the warm surface mud, while forcing my head under to make it more interesting.

I also get out and dive head-first back into the mud, and I flip backwards a couple of times so my legs are up in the air. It’s really just a muddy fuck-fest … in a manner of speaking.

Here is the link, again: Erotic Mud Fun in a Yellow Thong, 2019-10-04

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New Quickmud Clip

I just finished editing the first of 3 clips from Oct 4, 2019 that were somehow forgotten (see my previous post). This is the one where I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I sink to my death in quickmud. It is a slow, deliberate sink with a pretty grim ending. Don’t worry, though; I didn’t actually die.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Far Off the Beaten Path, 2019-10-04. I should add that, if you follow a link from my web-site to my mud store before April 30 and make a purchase, I should get 100% of the purchase price, whereas usually I get 60%. So use my link and purchase by April 30! 🙂

(If you’re not into this kind of video, I will hopefully have a muddy, erotic thong video and another one where I am essentially naked with just a cock harness coming before the end of April. All shot on the same day in this same location.)

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A Discovery

Well, it wasn’t really my discovery. One of my fans contacted me on Twitter to ask me about the 2019-10-04 video for which I uploaded a teaser on PornHub. It turns out, I shot 3 scenes that day and they are all previewed in the teaser, but I never released the full scenes.

I’m kind of disappointed in my regular crowd that nobody ever mentioned that those videos were never released. I had a note in my To-Do list about the three scenes that needed to be edited, but somewhere along the way, I had crossed that item off, as if it was finished.

Programmable robotic camera jib with pan
and tilt features

I also finally fixed a problem with my new camera jib that was messing up some of my shots and making an inordinate amount of noise. It turns out I had a bad servo, but that seemed like the least likely thing, so I had to troubleshoot and replace everything else first. I got a replacement servo today and installed it. I am very happy with the result, so I can’t wait to employ it for another video.

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