Working/Playing in the Mud Pit

It was near sunset so I had one hour at best, but I wanted to see if I could get anything done on my mud-pit reworking project, and get some video of it. I put on a thong, found a shovel, a bucket and a camera, and headed to the pit.

I hoped I could bail the water out of the hole and finish removing the old mud, but there was too much water and I had too little time.

So, I decided to mix up the 110 gallon (416 liter) tank that is full of mud that I dredged out of the hole. The mud was still a little cold. It would have felt good on a hot day, but it was not that warm and the sun was setting.

In any case, I had a camera running, so I had to make my best attempt at exploiting that tank full of mud. I wriggled myself in as deep as I could, and I gave the mud a good stirring.

p.s. This has been a banner month for clip sales. I am encouraged to make more videos by the uptick in sales. If I continue to make sales, I’ll be sure to produce some new clips this season.

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New Video: Trapped!

(See my previous post for more about this clip.)

I went exploring a location I haven’t explored in 20 years. In my bare-feet and skin-tight jeans, I pull my canoe into the muddy inlet. After discovering that it is really difficult to navigate the deep mud, I climb onto a slippery log and walk carefully down the log. I step off the log where the mud seems to be shallower but, after a few steps, I sink quickly up to my thighs. I find my leg is trapped by a submerged log, and I can’t get out. As I struggle desperately to free myself, I continue to sink deeper. The video ends with me, up to my chest in the mud and going nowhere fast.

Link to video: Trapped! 2019-04-17

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Returning to the Beginning

Yesterday, I set out on an adventure with the goal of locating a spot I had last visited when I was still shooting on a VHS analog video camera (over 20 years ago). In my past exploration, I hadn’t been able to find a location without a lot of timber that made sinking nearly impossible and unnecessarily perilous.

Before I get to what I found, I must tell you that the trip was fraught with challenges. The recent hurricane resulted in many trees lying across the creek and blocking navigation. I had to hack my way through some of them, going around some, and dragging my boat over others.

When I finally did arrive at the place I wanted to revisit, the sun was sinking and I still had to make my way back through all of the obstructions I came through. I had just enough time to shoot a video, clean up and head back.

So, I dragged my boat up into the muddy inlet where I explored a little, before climbing onto a slippery log. Soon after disembarking from the log, I got sucked into the mud and my leg got trapped against a log. I could not escape, but as I struggled, I continued to sink deeper.

Since I am a professional mudder, I was able to extricate myself and return home in relatively good health, considering the perilous nature of my adventure.

p.s. The water in the creek was not very cold. I think mudding season is officially open. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to visit one of my deep mud spots, soon. It would be nice to get immersed, again.

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Mud Pit Maintenance

We’re still in that transition between winter and mud season, so I am trying to get things ready.  The weather is getting warm, but the water is cold and the best low tides are before sunrise. On Wednesday (4/4), I decided to dig the sandy mud out of my pit. It needs to be stirred up, and also I wanted to try something in the pit before I put the mud back.

I shot some video while I was moving mud, and I edited so I could post it here. I’m not sure how interesting it is, since all I did was shovel mud and stir it up in the water tank. I would need another 100 gallon tank to get all the mud out of that pit.

I did start shooting a video, but the mud was still pretty cold and the air was just under 20C (~65F) with a cool breeze. I’ve been immersed in colder mud on similar days, but I just wasn’t feeling it, yesterday. I’m probably getting to old for that form of torture.

The mud in that mud pit is not very good mud. If I mix it up and put it back, it is pretty good, but it doesn’t take long for the sand to set up enough that I can walk on it.  In any case, I made a big mess of everything, and I had some fun doing it. I’m going to add the video to this post, but it’s a pretty large file, so I may not leave it here for very long. I hope someone finds it interesting.

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Exploring a Beaver Pond

There were alligators lurking just below the surface, but I had to know if there were any deep spots. I was actually on an overnight backpacking trip. I have hiked past this pond before, but I’ve never noticed any pools of mud. I suspect the damn was compromised in the storm so the pond has been able to drain.

I just got back, today, and I’m pretty beat, so I’ll let the pictures and video do the talking for me.

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Working on a Bondage Clip Store

Just FYI, I will be removing some content from my male mud store (studio #10094) and adding that content to an entirely new studio that will be dedicated to bondage. I know some of you purchase both mud and bondage clips, but I feel that the bondage clips obscure the mud clips in my store; especially when conditions prevent me from shooting in the swamp and there are more bondage updates than muddy ones.

I will probably keep the muddy bondage stuff in the old store. That’s a gray area, but there are a lot of muddy bondage clips and moving them would take a lot of time. Until recently, I didn’t post that many of my clean bondage videos in my mud store because I felt they were off-topic.

I was planning to update the mud store at least once a month (compared to twice a week when I was really active). I’ve also been talking with two people about working with me on clip production, so we’ll see if anything comes of that. Swamp videos have the potential to be erotic and dramatic. They will always have a special place in my heart and, when I have new ideas for interesting swamp videos, I’ll be shooting them as soon as conditions permit. As long as I can produce one mud video per month, I can keep the muddy studio open.

Producing bondage content is infinitely easier for me, because I can just haul my cameras into the back yard on a nice day, shoot for an hour, and haul everything back in. I don’t have to load stuff in a boat, deal with tides, or clean up a lot of gear afterward. I hope the new studio is a success. It should be on-line this week with some new content and some older videos that were removed from the mud store.

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New Clip: Tarzan Explores the Swamp

You can find this clip in my  clip store.

The title is a bit lame, because it is as much about humping the thick mud and struggling to escape. Most of the mud in this video is thick, moss covered peat that is bottomless in places and nearly solid in others, thanks to tree roots and vegetation.

In the video, I am wearing only my Tarzan thong, a hat and sunglasses. I am barefooted and the camera angles favor my legs and feet.

There are some more video frames in my previous post, and more details.

Tarzan Explores the Swamp, 2019-03-15

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Exploring the Swamp

Hurricane Florence tore through in mid September, 2018 and it changed many features on the coast where it hit. That includes all of the places I go mudding. Today, I went out to explore a place I had not visited since the storm.

Once I got there, I changed into my Tarzan thong so I could make a good show of it. This is the first time I’ve taken my new Lumix camera into the swamp. It is very light weight and takes great video. Sadly, the wind was blowing strong and steady, and the lens fogged a little from the heat and humidity, so I got a noisy audio track and somewhat hazy video.

I wondered around with my one camera and a tripod, and found a couple places to get stuck. One of my favorite places had a tree laying on it, but another one was okay. I slogged across a favorite hole, got stuck about crotch deep in another spot, then I got good and stuck in a third spot where I sank past my navel.

It was a very warm day, but the water was still code and so was the mud. If I could have gone completely under, I probably would not have. It’s not that I haven’t done it before in colder conditions, I just wasn’t feeling like freezing my nuts off.

In spite of being cold, the mud felt good and it was nice to be out in the swamp, again. I was sad to see so many trees down, but it wasn’t unexpected. I’ve already edited the video I shot. It is just a sequence of shots; some walking, and some abusing the mud with my crotch. The images here are from the video. This was my first swamp trip of 2019. I should have a few more trips to test out my new camera. I’m taking this one video at a time, for now.

Look for the new clip in the next couple of days; probably tomorrow (Saturday, March 16).

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Muddy Fem-Dom Clip

I have officially released my first female-domination clip in my clips4sale store. In this clip, Madalynn-Raye plays the part of my sassy employee, wearing her thigh high leather boots, disco jeans, and a white bodysuit. I play the part of her “bad” boss and she exercises her special form of justice on me by leading me to a muddy pit in the woods and forcing my face into it. There is a more lengthy description on the clip, which you can find here. Also, you might check out my earlier post from the day of the shoot.

Maddy Humiliates Her Boss, 2019-02-15

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Shooting Again

I’ll be releasing a new video next week. The video features Madalynn-Raye humiliating her “boss” who is played by me. It was an interesting role for me, since I’m not generally into humiliation and it’s hard to imagine me as Maddy’s boss. I’m not sure how well I played the part of a misogynist boss, but Maddy played her part very well. She’s been doing more female domination stuff, and she does it really well.

Some people will be happy that I got messy while fully clothed. It’s just not something I do, but with Maddy passing through on such a nice day, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

We just shot the video this morning (Feb 15). I expect to find time to edit it next week and get it published after that. The weather was very mild this morning and we even had some sunshine. The forecast was for warm and overcast.

The mudpit needs a good stirring. I’m still hoping I can find a mud-slave to get it ready for mud season. If this weather pattern continues, we’re going to have a very warm spring, and probably very wet. The continuous rain can really limit my opportunities to shoot, but I’ll be very anxious to get into the swamp again. Since I could get another visit from A.J. Marion and Madalynn-Raye is planning to visit this summer, I do hope to shoot some more mud movies. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to get one of the gals to hold a camera for me while I do some male mud action. I’ve also got a new camera that I’m going to have to try out on some solo mud adventures, so you can expect some more mud video in 2019.


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Gimbal Practice

I purchased a gimbal in mid-December. Here I am, taking it for a test drive …

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Mudpit Bondage Clip From April

I don’t think anyone would remember, but I wrote about the time I had making this video back in April of 2018. It was really an adventure. Well, the video got filed away and I didn’t get around to editing it until recently.

In this clip, the bondage is rigged such that I can never get out of the pit; I can only sink deeper. The rope cinching my wrists goes through the hard-point above, down to another hard-point in the mud, and up to my genitals, such that the more I pull down on my wrists, the more I am drawn down into the pit. With my ankles tied out in front of me, I cannot use my legs to lift myself, so it is pretty much hopeless.

You can find this clip on Clips4Sale. Here is the link: Up Is Not An Option

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First Lube Clip

I shot my first slippery slimy scene in a bathtub. Latex and lube make a great combination. Of course I enjoyed making this; what’s not to enjoy? I mixed the lube to be about as thick as KY Jelly. I put the first half of it in the tub before I got in and poured the second half over my body and face as I was lying on my back in the slippery tub.

I’m surprised this video lasted as long as it did. I was afraid I’d cum too soon and put an end to the fun. As you would expect, the video does end in a protracted orgasm. I think it went well for a first try. Depending on how this sells, I may try something similar. I’ve still got a couple months before I can get back to the swamp.

Here is the link: Covered in Lube, 2018

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Adventures in Methyl Cellulose

Next week, I’m shooting a video for Madalynn-Raye using methyl cellulose. I’ve never worked with methyl cellulose before, so this will be a learning experience. Maddy may not know it, but I’m going to slime the hell out of her. I’m not sure how much I can say about the details of her video, so I can’t offer much in the way of details. After I shoot it, I’ll ask her if I can post a couple stills and some more information.

I got some advice for working with methyl cellulose on FetLife. Who knows, if this goes well, I might have to experiment with some slippery dramas, myself. Winter is getting close, and a guy needs to have something slimy to get him through the dark, cold months.

Is there anyone who would want to see a video of me in a bathtub of slime? It’s not my usual thing, and lots of people do that sort of thing, but it might be fun and I can offer better video quality than most of the blokes who shoot on their camera phones with poor lighting.

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Warm Fall Days

I haven’t had a chance to play in the swamp, but I have been enjoying some mild fall weather and engaging in some outdoor bondage in the woods. It gets dark at 5pm this time of year, so I generally end up shooting as the sun is setting.

I really enjoy outdoor bondage. This kind of play helps me extend the season and stave off winter a bit longer. Since I’m shooting in my back yard, I can use as much video gear as I want, which makes for a great video production. Sadly, I don’t sell many of these, so it’s hardly worth publishing the clips. Personally, I find them very erotic to watch.

We’ve only got a couple weeks before the official start of winter. After that, the days will begin getting longer, again, although the temperatures will continue dropping for a month or two.

I’ll try to update this blog every couple of weeks. I wouldn’t want anyone to think Mudlover is dead! I’d like to send out a special thanks to those of you who buy my clean bondage videos. It’s always great to be able to make a few dollars doing something I love.

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