I Uncovered the Clay Pit

Today (Sept 26, 2020), I pulled the cover off the clay pit and shot some video. The first scene was an unplanned “stuck” scene, because I really could not get my legs free from the thick clay after I managed to work my way down to about waist deep.

The second scene was mostly about my penis and how much fun I was having. I was working under time constraints, so I didn’t actually cum, but I gave it a hell-of-a try. I left the clay pit open so I could try again tomorrow! 🙂

Finally, I shot some video of my cleanup, but the sun was brighter than I anticipated, so it wasn’t very good. Fortunately, the first 2 clips looked and sounded very nice.

These clips will be released soon. I’ve pretty much finished editing them. If you see this in time, let me know in the comments what you want to see me do tomorrow!

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New Stuck Clip

I just released the only clip I was able to shoot on Sept 11. My adventure, and this clip, ended when the rain started. It gets slowly darker throughout the clip, and you can hear rolling thunder at the very end of the clip.

This clip opens as I walk along the edge of the mud, wearing only blue, nylon briefs and a cropped white t-shirt. As the mud gets deeper and walking becomes more difficult, I try to get out of the mud, but I fall backward into the muck and find that I cannot escape. The mud is thick and my legs get trapped. I continue to sink slowly, getting more and more helplessly mired in swamp.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Stuck!, 2020-09-11

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New Thick Mud Wallow Clip

I just released a new clip, Deep, Thick Mud, Warm Sun, 2020-08-26. It is a 28 minute clip of me, sinking, struggling, wallowing, going in head first, stroking myself, and more in thick mud. The sky was clear and the sun was warm, so I spent most of my time just enjoying the warm mud. I started out in the shiny blue thong that you saw me wearing in this free slog clip. I return in tiny, blue, latex briefs with my breathing tube for the second half of the video.

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The high tide this morning was only about half as high as a normal high tide, so the prospect for a low tide looked promising. The forecast was for rain, so I knew it would be a race against the weather. When I set out, the sun was shining and I expected to get 1-2 hours before the rain. Of course, I had protection for all of my gear, so I’d just have to get everything stowed and try to avoid lightning as I paddled back to my car.

Beginning of the rain

As luck would have it, I had just finished my first video when I heard the thunder. Less than a minute later it started raining. I had to wriggle out of the mud, grab my camera and make a run for the kayak.

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New Preview/Teaser: 3 Days

I released the teaser clip for my 3 days of mud on PornHub for free viewing and/or downloading. About half of the videos represented in the teaser are available in my clip store. The remaining clips will be available in the next few weeks.

Many of the bits in the teaser are behind-the-scenes GoPro video, so they might never be included in a clip for sale. Sadly, the scene where I was hog-tied in the mud has no audio, so it may never be released. If you see something you like, feel free to ask me about it.

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New Muddy Bondage Clips

I just released a 2 part series of muddy bondage clips that I shot on August 28 in the peat swamp. These clips are extreme, muddy bondage. They don’t have the masturbation scenes that were featured heavily in my previous clip which contained the inspiration for this series.

In part 1 of this series (Courting Disaster in the Swamp, Part 1), I’m stretched out across the mud in two different scenes that are pretty similar, but, in the last one, my ankles are also stretched out. In the first scene of part 1, my ankles are tied together, but loosely tethered to the tree. In the second setup, my ankles are tied to the free end of the rope around my genitals after it is looped around the tree. The result is that, when I pull on my ankles, it increases the stress on my cock and balls. It was pretty difficult to escape from that one, because I didn’t have much play, it was not easy to untie my wrists.

Part 2 (Courting Disaster in the Swamp, Part 2) opens as I fall backwards off of the fallen tree over the mud. My wrists are tied behind my back and my cock and balls are tied to my ankles around the tree. It isn’t long before my head is under the mud and I’m struggling against my bonds. After I’ve had enough of that, I retie myself so I am hanging face down by my balls and ankles. My wrists are not tied, but I still end up sinking deep into the mud. In the final scene, I’m just dangling in the mud by my balls.

Both of these clips were a lot of fun to shoot. People who like extreme muddy bondage and bound muddy feet should like these. There are a couple of closeup crotch shots, but that’s not really what these clips are about. Part 2 might be fun for someone who likes to see me head first in the mud and struggling.

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New Peat Mud Clip

I’ve had some time to edit and I’m discovering how far behind I am in getting out my videos. I guess it’s better to have too much video than not enough. This new clip was shot on July 18 when I did the peat mud immersion clip, and the teaser clip that I shared on PornHub. Well, if you liked the teaser clip, this is the video for you, because it has more of the good stuff from the teaser. There are no shortage of crotch closeups in this clip.

In a nutshell, this clip picks up after the immersion clip ends. There are a couple outtakes that come before the immersion clip, then I spend some time playing in the mud before I wriggle out, dive back in, mess around some more, climb out again, then proceed to do some experimental bondage. After that, I stroke myself a lot and eventually, I get cleaned up. I think it’s a pretty good clip. The last bits have poor audio because they were all recorded on the GoPro, but they’re not bad. Here is the link: Peat Bog After Sink, 2020-07-18

If you are intrigued by the bondage in this clip where I am stretched out across the mud, watch out for the August 28 clip when it is released. The bondage in this clip was just an experiment. On August 28, I went out with the intention of recreating this scene with a little more planning, good audio, and two cameras.

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New Clip: The Worst…

I wasn’t sure if I would get anything useful out of the video I shot on July 21. That was the day that the flies were trying to drain my blood and my dog jumped out of the kayak. By the time I edited out most of the cussing and fly swatting, the video was down to 7 minutes, but it’s not as bad as the title might lead you to believe.

The Worst Mud Video, Ever! has some posing in red PVC briefs, a complete immersion, and two times when my muddy body emerges from the mire.

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New Quick Mud Clip

The description of this clip is very short because this clip is just a slow, desperate struggle that ends in full immersion. I had to fade out and fade back in with the reemergence to avoid being censored for making snuff films.

Here is the link: Quick Mud!, 2020-08-25

I’m going to be releasing another clip like this one sometime this year where Tarzan takes his last mud bath (again). I honestly don’t know how to make these clips more interesting, aside from shooting some lead-in shots. Even then, the sink and the immersion are mostly the same from clip to clip. I go under more smoothly in some scenes, the texture and thickness of the mud varies, and the amount of time I spend under the mud varies. I guess the dialog varies, but wardrobe is mostly irrelevant.

The good news is that I have a 5 minute teaser that showcases three days of mud adventures. I can’t release that until I have a few clips in my store that correlate to the teaser. I’m hoping that someone might watch the teaser and go looking for the full clip. However, that won’t work if there are no related clips available.

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All Day Adventure

On Sunday, August 30, I took my kayak to the river and paddled 2.5 miles (4km) to a mud hole I haven’t visited in a long time. I had to hack some trails through the marsh grass. Once I have trails, I don’t need to worry as much about getting cut up by the grass when I’m nearly naked.

After cutting trails, I drank about 16 ounces of water and set about recording some mud video. I did some total immersion, one dive, and a “Tarzan” clip. I recorded a scene where I was tightly hog-tied in the mud, but I neglected to turn on the microphone, so that one is pretty much a total loss.

I also grabbed some “behind the scenes” GoPro footage, as I was exploring, cleaning up, etc. I took my time and enjoyed being outdoors, on the water. I stayed until I had only 45 minutes until sundown and the return paddle took over an hour … thanks to a detour and paddling against the incoming tide. It was getting dark when I got back to the boat landing. I was exhausted, sore, and famished. It was a good trip.

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Still Photos from my Last Trip

On my most recent trip into the swamp (August 28), I shot some still photos on my way out and on my way back. I’m always resorting to still frames from video clips, and that is not a good way to get quality still images. It’s so nice to start with a 16 mega-pixel RAW image, rather than a highly compressed [relatively] low resolution video frame.

These stills were all taken before I started my mudding adventure. I’ll probably edit another slogging/teaser clip and put it on PornHub. I’m keeping my PornHub account for now, just because it gives me a place to put my high definition teaser clips.

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Free Slog Clip

I went out to the swamp, for a second day, on August 26. While I was editing, yesterday, I whipped up a GoPro slog video to share. I don’t have time now to grab stills for this blog post, so I hope you can follow this link to PornHub to view my little video. You should also be able to download it, just in case.

I may add some still frames to this post when I get a minute. Sorry about the audio on the video, that’s the best I can get from the GoPro when it’s in the waterproof case.

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New Diving Clip

I’m releasing clips in order of how fast they are to edit because I’ve had very little time for editing. This diving clip is very short (about 3 minutes) and required little editing, so I managed to get it out in what time I had.

The title, “Four Dives“, pretty much says it all. Wearing my red and black latex briefs, I dive into the muck four times, once from each side of the hole. Normally, I don’t have a mud hole that is small enough that I can walk all the way around it and not go off camera.

This was a fun little clip to shoot. I know there are some people who enjoy the head-first diving stuff. I hope someone enjoys this one. There are at least 5 more clips coming. Four Dives, 2020-08-25

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Excellent Swamp Adventure

I was a little late, getting out of the house this morning (Tuesday, August 25), but I was still able to take advantage of an unusually low tide for some serious fun in bottomless swamp mud.

When I arrived, the tide was already low, so I didn’t have enough water to paddle to my play spot. I had to get out and walk the boat. I grabbed some shots on my GoPro as I went, so I’ll have some behind-the-scenes video when I get time to edit. If the weather holds, I may go back out to the swamp tomorrow (Wednesday, August 26). I get so few opportunities these days, I have to take advantage of them when I can.

Before I even parked my boat, I shot a quickmud scene. After that, I drug my boat to my unloading spot and shot another total immersion scene. The one bad thing about the spot I selected is that I can’t clean up there. Once I’m muddy, that’s it, I’m muddy. My other locations offer more convenient cleanup, so I can rinse off between scenes.

I did some head-first diving and some other crazy mud scenes. I don’t know what my cameras got, but I expect to release at least 3 short videos so everyone will have something to love.

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New Clip: Washed Ashore

This is the first clip I shot on July 26. In this scene, I am fully dressed (except that I am barefooted) and I wash up on a muddy shore and have to struggle to cross an expanse of deep, thick mud that fights me every inch of the way.

This clip will appeal to the fully dressed and struggling crowds. Up until the very end, I am just dragging my body through the deep, sucking mud. At the end, I arise from the muck to show my muddy shirt and jeans. I show myself for a little while and the video ends as I walk towards the camera along the shoreline. Here is the link for downloading: Washed Ashore, 2020-07-26

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