Muddy Fantasy Video

This image is from a night shoot in my woods. I wasn’t shooting for this site, but I got pretty muddy. This photo was taken immediately after we finished shooting.

We were shooting by artificial light, so it was pretty involved. I haven’t seen the final edit, yet, but I’m hoping it turns out well. I pretty much destroyed those white pants. I think I’ll turn them into cutoffs.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more stills to show you at this time. I’m not going to say too much about the video, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. My goal was to do something more on the creative side. I’ll let you know when it is finished. I expect to post it on my Vimeo channel.

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Mud Pit Revitalization

I’ve been completely redoing the mud pit in the woods. I ordered a pond liner for it so I could keep it from drying out so much. When the pond liner arrived, I dug out all of the existing mud, piled it up, and put some in the 110 gallon water tank I use for these projects. I didn’t get any video or take any photos of the digging process because it was pretty boring.

Once I had the pond liner in the empty hole, it was time to start filling it back with mud. The mud I took out was pretty mostly a pile of wet clumps of dirt. I had to add water and vigorously stir the water into the thick, clumped up dirt. I also added some more organic matter with the goal of making the sandy mud more like my swamp mud.

When it was time to mix the mud in the water tank, I decided to have some fun with it, and I started shooting some video to document the process. The following video was shot on 3 separate days, as I was working on refilling the pit.

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New Cleanup Clip

After-Slog Cleanup, 2020-07-26 is just a short cleanup clip that was recorded after the July 26 slog clip and before the erotic clip. In this clip, I wriggle out of the mud into the water. Slosh over to my kayak and proceed to get cleaned up. I’m wearing tight jeans and my kayak shirt. I rinse off the mud, strip off the shirt, clean up some more, then strip off the jeans.

I didn’t realize that I had already made a promo image for this clip, so I made another promo image with different frames. The image on the right is actually the original one, which is my favorite. The one at the top left is the second one I made. So, you get some extra frames. 🙂

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Free Hogtied in Mud clip

I shot another clip on August 30 of me, struggling in the deep, swamp mud while tightly bound in a hogtie. I neglected to turn on the microphone, so there is no audio for the scene. Therefore, I uploaded a version of it to PornHub for free viewing. If I remember, I’ll also enable downloading.

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New Tarzan Quickmud Clip

Tarzan Discovers Quickmud is a clip I shot on August 30. I’m afraid the tides haven’t been cooperating lately, so I haven’t been out to shoot anything new in a while.

In this clip, I dress up as Tarzan and take a short stroll in the swamp that ends in a pool of quickmud that turns out to be a treacherous trap from which Tarzan cannot escape. It’s some great, black mud. It is much thinner on the surface than it is a few feet down, so the sink is pretty slow and steady, but I can thrash my arms a bit in the thinner surface mud.

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New Clip: Clay Pit Struggle

Desperate Struggle in Thick Clay, is the other clip I shot on September 26, 2020. In this clip, I get into the clay pit wearing tiny black briefs and I begin to work it up with my legs. Eventually, I decide to work my legs in as deep as I can. I get a little past my crotch when I realize that I can’t pull my legs back out. I’m wasn’t faking this; I was stuck in the extremely thick clay that exists below the goopy clay at the surface. I spend the rest of the clip, desperately working to extract my legs from the clay.

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New Clip: Clay Pit Party for One

I released the first of two clay pit clips from Sept 26, 2020. You can find it here: Clay Pit Party for One, 2020-09-26

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Cross-post New Clip

I added a compilation clip in my clean bondage store. It has some muddy sections, and it’s pretty cool. There is also an associated teaser on PornHub. You can find more information and links here.

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New Clip: A Leap of Love

This is the first real clip from my August 30 trip. I expect to produce at least one more clip from that trip, but this is probably the “main” clip.

A Leap of Love is sort of a mixture of mud genres. There is a jump, a dive, some mostly invisible bondage, and two “dramatic” immersions. The mud where I shot this clip is thicker than my thin mud spot, but not as thick as my thick mud spot, so I can sink pretty easily but the mud still holds my body in place.

A Leap of Love, 2020-08-30

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I Uncovered the Clay Pit

Today (Sept 26, 2020), I pulled the cover off the clay pit and shot some video. The first scene was an unplanned “stuck” scene, because I really could not get my legs free from the thick clay after I managed to work my way down to about waist deep.

The second scene was mostly about my penis and how much fun I was having. I was working under time constraints, so I didn’t actually cum, but I gave it a hell-of-a try. I left the clay pit open so I could try again tomorrow! 🙂

Finally, I shot some video of my cleanup, but the sun was brighter than I anticipated, so it wasn’t very good. Fortunately, the first 2 clips looked and sounded very nice.

These clips will be released soon. I’ve pretty much finished editing them. If you see this in time, let me know in the comments what you want to see me do tomorrow!

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New Stuck Clip

I just released the only clip I was able to shoot on Sept 11. My adventure, and this clip, ended when the rain started. It gets slowly darker throughout the clip, and you can hear rolling thunder at the very end of the clip.

This clip opens as I walk along the edge of the mud, wearing only blue, nylon briefs and a cropped white t-shirt. As the mud gets deeper and walking becomes more difficult, I try to get out of the mud, but I fall backward into the muck and find that I cannot escape. The mud is thick and my legs get trapped. I continue to sink slowly, getting more and more helplessly mired in swamp.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Stuck!, 2020-09-11

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New Thick Mud Wallow Clip

I just released a new clip, Deep, Thick Mud, Warm Sun, 2020-08-26. It is a 28 minute clip of me, sinking, struggling, wallowing, going in head first, stroking myself, and more in thick mud. The sky was clear and the sun was warm, so I spent most of my time just enjoying the warm mud. I started out in the shiny blue thong that you saw me wearing in this free slog clip. I return in tiny, blue, latex briefs with my breathing tube for the second half of the video.

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The high tide this morning was only about half as high as a normal high tide, so the prospect for a low tide looked promising. The forecast was for rain, so I knew it would be a race against the weather. When I set out, the sun was shining and I expected to get 1-2 hours before the rain. Of course, I had protection for all of my gear, so I’d just have to get everything stowed and try to avoid lightning as I paddled back to my car.

Beginning of the rain

As luck would have it, I had just finished my first video when I heard the thunder. Less than a minute later it started raining. I had to wriggle out of the mud, grab my camera and make a run for the kayak.

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New Preview/Teaser: 3 Days

I released the teaser clip for my 3 days of mud on PornHub for free viewing and/or downloading. About half of the videos represented in the teaser are available in my clip store. The remaining clips will be available in the next few weeks.

Many of the bits in the teaser are behind-the-scenes GoPro video, so they might never be included in a clip for sale. Sadly, the scene where I was hog-tied in the mud has no audio, so it may never be released. If you see something you like, feel free to ask me about it.

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New Muddy Bondage Clips

I just released a 2 part series of muddy bondage clips that I shot on August 28 in the peat swamp. These clips are extreme, muddy bondage. They don’t have the masturbation scenes that were featured heavily in my previous clip which contained the inspiration for this series.

In part 1 of this series (Courting Disaster in the Swamp, Part 1), I’m stretched out across the mud in two different scenes that are pretty similar, but, in the last one, my ankles are also stretched out. In the first scene of part 1, my ankles are tied together, but loosely tethered to the tree. In the second setup, my ankles are tied to the free end of the rope around my genitals after it is looped around the tree. The result is that, when I pull on my ankles, it increases the stress on my cock and balls. It was pretty difficult to escape from that one, because I didn’t have much play, it was not easy to untie my wrists.

Part 2 (Courting Disaster in the Swamp, Part 2) opens as I fall backwards off of the fallen tree over the mud. My wrists are tied behind my back and my cock and balls are tied to my ankles around the tree. It isn’t long before my head is under the mud and I’m struggling against my bonds. After I’ve had enough of that, I retie myself so I am hanging face down by my balls and ankles. My wrists are not tied, but I still end up sinking deep into the mud. In the final scene, I’m just dangling in the mud by my balls.

Both of these clips were a lot of fun to shoot. People who like extreme muddy bondage and bound muddy feet should like these. There are a couple of closeup crotch shots, but that’s not really what these clips are about. Part 2 might be fun for someone who likes to see me head first in the mud and struggling.

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