Video: Blue PVC Shorts & Bare Feet

I threw together the best bits of the video I shot on February 5. I just realized I still haven’t done anything with my wetsuit video. I still want to turn that into a montage with some other unpublished video, so it is more interesting.

Anyway, here is a free video for your enjoyment …

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A Mild Winter

We are having a very mild winter, here. I ventured out yesterday mostly just to check on some of my sinking holes and poke around a bit. The weather was warm, but the water is cold … although it’s not as cold as it normally would be.

I shot a little bit of video while walking around so I’ll include a few frames from the video here. I don’t have much to add, since I mostly just paddled around on the creek with my little dog.

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Winter Wetsuit Adventure

I ventured out last Friday (01/03/2020) because it was unseasonably warm and the low tide was in the later part of the morning. I put on my Body Glove (wetsuit) so I could immerse myself in cold mud without getting hypothermia. When I arrived at the creek it was obvious that the tide wasn’t going to get very low, but it was a nice day for a paddle and my dog was up for an adventure.

I found a spot to shoot a short slog video, but it’s not a terribly exciting video. If you have a men-in-wetsuit fetish you might like the video. I did manage to get pretty muddy before I was forced out by a rising tide.

My dilemma is what to do with the video. It’s 10 minutes long, and it is mostly a wide shot of me, struggling to navigate the waist deep mud with a wetsuit and diving boots. (In case you don’t know, the diving boots make it much harder to pull my feet out of the mud and the wetsuit limits my flexibility.)

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October Tide Levels

I know, I’m always complaining about the tides getting higher and the fact that I have only rare opportunities to find exposed mud in the tidal swamp. Well, I decided to pull the tide gauge report to show you this past month’s tide measurements on my local creek.

I added the red line to show where a “normal” high tide would be and the green line to show the “normal” low tide level, which is ideal for mudding.

I should mention that the chart scale is in feet. In mid October, the tides were nearly 2 ft (0.6 meters) above normal. It’s also worth mentioning that we had very little rain in October 2019, so none of these swings are a result of heavy rainfall, with the exception of the lack of any low tide on October 14 and 20. Most of the really low tides were before sunrise.

There is a seasonal component to the tide levels, as the moon sometimes passes directly overhead and other times it is much lower in the sky. For example, the June readings don’t quite reach 2.5ft but they are still well above normal. In any case, I don’t have historical data with which to compare since the gauge was just installed in the past 2 years, but I can tell you that this is as bad as it’s ever been, and the only thing I have to explain it is global sea level rise, which is only going to get worse.

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Final Clip from 9/22

This new clip (available now in my clip store) is the final scene from my trip on September 22, 2019. I really enjoyed this one. Of the three scenes (4 clips), this was the one where I had the most fun. I had just discovered a new mud spot with some really great and very deep mud. The mud had an excellent consistency. It was thick, but very easy to sink into.

So, I started out by tying my ankles to my genitals and sinking as deep as I could. It’s very difficult to resurface with your legs tied in a bent position, so I found sinking to where only my nose was poking out to be exciting, and getting back out of the mud was invigorating.

Once I emerged from the mud, I lay back and lifted my hips to force my head under. I bucked my hips and dove in head first. In general, I just had a horny time in the black muck! Thick Mud Wallow, 2019-09-22

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Expedition Video

The video from yesterday’s expedition is now on PornHub. It is free to stream. See my previous post for details and still images.

p.s. This video doesn’t qualify as porn, by any stretch, but my YouTube account was deleted for posting similar videos in the past. This is why I don’t support activists who want to put “porn” behind a pay wall. Who gets to decide what is porn? If I were a woman doing the same thing in short-shorts, it might be considered provocative, but would anybody call it obscene? There are too many double standards and prudes out there who would censor everything that made them uncomfortable. There are producers who think if people were forced to pay for all porn, then the producers would make more money. I’m not sure if that is true, but considering the censorship on YouTube and Instagram, I think we’d find ourselves paying for a lot more than legitimate porn.

And finally, any producer should be allowed to give away their work if they want to. Just because there are producers who can’t make money with their current business model, doesn’t mean we should force everyone to charge for their “adult” content. We don’t force everyone to buy a newspaper because newspapers are struggling to make a profit. The world is changing, and businesses that used to be profitable are no longer profitable. If anyone thinks a pay-for-porn law is a good idea, they should review the U.K.’s recent [failed] attempt at age verification for viewing porn. It’s a lot more complicated than some people would have you believe. …and it’s a bad idea, in my opinion.

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Expedition in Jean Cut-offs

The legs on my old jeans were falling apart, so I cut them off and did some tailoring to make some perfect fitting cut-offs. I love them and I just had to wear them on an expedition.

I went out at low tide, this morning, but I knew I was being optimistic. The low tide yesterday morning was really low, but last night’s high tide was a foot above normal, so I figured today was going to be lack luster, at best. I was right.

However, I paddled my kayak about 4.5 miles, explored some swampy areas that I hadn’t previously explored, and I got to do it all in my new jean shorts. I shot a million short video clips of my treacherous expedition, and I edited them into an 8 minute video that I’ll eventually put on PornHub for everyone to check out. The video has walking shots, lots of shots of my muddy feet, shots of me jumping over water, wading across a spot I couldn’t jump over, slogging across a really muddy spot, and cleaning up in the creek.

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Clip Releases

Just a reminder to check my Clip Store for updates. There was a clip released last Friday and there will be a new one tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. I intend to schedule yet another clip for a week from tomorrow.

The weather has taken a decisive turn towards fall. I’m expecting a pretty chilly night, tonight. Between high tides and cooler weather, I may not get another chance to record this season. I do have a couple more clips to edit and release, so there should be new clips into November.

My PornHub experiment has been somewhat successful, in that I have gotten a lot of video views and more thumbs-up than thumbs-down responses. I think it’s safe to say, though, that I’m going to pick up very few, if any, new fans who want to pay for clips. The “free video” people think it’s stupid to pay for porn, which is pushing a lot of porn producers out of the business. It’s kind of silly to think that anything is really free.

Speaking for myself, I’m not a typical porn producer, since I don’t pay for talent and I mostly just record my personal fantasies. I have my loyal fans to thank for the gear I’ve been able to purchase, but going forward, I won’t be able to justify any new gear.

On a related note: I recently made a video that I thought was pretty hot and offered it for download at a price of $1.99 on PornHub to see if anyone there would fork over $2 to see a sexy clip with a great orgasm. So far, not one person has taken me up on my offer. I find that telling, since $2 is not very much money. Oh well. I enjoy shooting my kinky adventures, so I’ll still make movies when I’m feeling creative. I’m also open to shooting custom videos if anyone wants something specific and they want to pay for it, in advance. I wish I could buy a new action camera to replace the old GoPro, but for now, I don’t know how I’d pay for it.

Thank you, again, to all of my supporters. I am honored to have had such a successful “career” in mud, and to a lesser extent, bondage. I hope we can all meet at the mud hole, someday, for a big, messy party!

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New Clip and Update Schedule

I just released Strapped and Abandoned in my clip store, which is the first of 4 clips I shot on Sept 22, 2019. I scheduled the next two to be released on October 11, and October 18. I have some new video that I shot yesterday in the swamp, so I’m going to try to release one video a week for the next 5 or 6 weeks.

There is a pretty good chance I’ll also be releasing some bits from yesterday’s trip on PornHub, and I may release another full clip there, also. It all just depends on my mood, and how I feel about a specific clip. Frankly, the three clips I have queued on Clips4Sale, now; including the Strapped video that is now available, don’t impress me much. They feel like just more of the same, and they are not my best work. Since I stopped taking 3 tripods and 3 video cameras (not including the GoPro) with me into the swamp and spending a lot of time setting up cameras for better coverage, I don’t feel like my production quality is as good as it could be.

Oct 4, mudding in a thong

The consequence of my recent decision to have more fun and shoot less hasn’t really been a reduction in video from each trip, but more a reduction in quality, and that doesn’t make me happy. Sure, I’m traveling lighter and enjoying the mud a little more, which is great, but I’m hesitant to even edit the clips because I really am a video snob.

Another shot of the thong

Another problem I am having is that low tides are rare and I can’t be picky about the time of day, so I end up shooting in bright, contrasty sunlight, or not at all. I’m also making a lot fewer trips into the swamp, which really sucks all around. Summer will be over soon, and I have no reason to believe that next summer will be any better.

Mid-orgasm, but you can’t really tell

The good news is that I managed to catch one of those rare low tides yesterday morning and I had a pretty good time, playing in my recently discovered mud hole. I was able to go completely under while fully vertical, I went in head first a few times, and I had a great orgasm. The camera caught the orgasm, but it wasn’t zoomed in very tight, so it’s not much to see.

My cock ring harness

I started in jeans and a t-shirt, completely lost in the swamp, and I died. Then I took off my jeans and had some fun in just a thong. Finally, I took off the thong and rigged a kind of cock ring for my final sink.

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A Wild Day in the Swamp

I know you are going to think I’m exaggerating when I say I had to paddle against the current both ways, but when I go mudding on the White Oak River, I always paddle against the current both ways. I venture out there when the tide is going out, and I return when the tide is coming in. It’s been a while since I’ve paddled 5 miles (8 km). I think my last trip over 2.5 miles (4 km) was at the end of July.

Today’s was a memorable trip. I paddled back to a spot I found when I was trying to navigate a shortcut on the creek. I’ve been wanting to go back and explore that area; especially since it is very accessible from the creek, yet private.

When I first arrived, I was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt that I cropped to expose my midriff. I got strapped up and bunny-hopped to the mud where I was rendered immobile, since I was mired in the mud and my legs and arms were tightly bound. That was an okay time, but I had a lot more to explore.

My second adventure was to walk out into a pool of mud that I didn’t expect to be really deep. It turned out, that the bottom wasn’t quite solid. It was soft enough that I could sink slowly into it, but firm enough that I could not move my legs, once they were engulfed. I just kept sinking until only my nose was sticking out of the mud. I still hadn’t found a bottom, but some muddy water was running up my nose, so I pulled my legs out and took some time to stroke my cock. I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I had more exploring to do.

I set out on foot to see what other mud holes might be hiding in the tall grass nearby. I was rewarded with a broad, bottomless pit of thick mud. This mud hole could become my new, all time favorite. The mud was thick and smooth and it’s consistency didn’t change as I went deeper. Some mud gets a lot thicker as you go deeper, and some of the floating bog gets watery further down. This stuff was just like sinking in a large bowl of chocolate pudding, but it probably doesn’t taste as good.

I tied my ankles to my genitals and sank up to my ears. Then I went back and got the camera (which I had left behind so I could move faster while I was exploring), and did a repeat performance on camera. This time I sank until I was barely able to breath. It’s difficult to come back up with your ankles tied up tight to your genitals (or thighs), so I had to stop just short of going under and work my way back to the surface. I still wasn’t ready to leave that spot when I finally managed to extract my body from the depths. I played with myself some, untied and retied my ankles, and just generally had a good time. I managed to get most of that on camera.

All of these still images came from the video that I’m uploading to PornHub. You should be able to find the video by clicking this link.

Each of the sinks will eventually get edited and uploaded to Clips4Sale. The Pornhub version has highlights from each sink and some behind the scenes shots.

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New Stuck Clip

I just added a new stuck clip to my Clips4Sale store that I shot on July 13, 2019. I put on my shiny pants that used to be gold but have faded to an off shade of silver. So, the clip was named “Stuck in Silver Pants” to avoid lawsuits.

In this clip, I am wandering in the marsh bare footed with my gold/silver pants and I begin to sink. Before I know it, the mud has me in it’s relentless grip and I cannot break free. I keep sinking, rather slowly, up to my neck where I am doomed to stay for all eternity.

I don’t know; I think the pants still look like their gold. Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Stuck in Silver Pants, 2019-07-13

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PornHub Update and Recent Adventure

I’ve been adding more videos to my PornHub channel. My PornHub user name is mudbondage. I am now an official model on PornHub. How exciting is that?! My stage name there, and on Twitter is “John Marsh”. I kind of like John Marsh … it is fitting.

This past week I went for a paddle on the river and stopped to visit one of my favorite mud holes. I was a little disappointed that the mud was rather watery, but I suppose I should have expected as much. We’ve had super high tides and Hurricane Dorian blew through in early September.

The tides have been running high and I was a little late, so I had less than an hour to play in the mud, but I managed to get immersed, both physically and mentally. My first sink was a “death by quicksand” scene for the camera. After that, I tied myself down in the mud so I could barely reach the surface to breathe and spent some time, gasping for air, with mud closing over my face. It was a good time, I promise! 🙂 I did shoot a little video of the gasping scene, although my good camera almost missed the shot.

You can be sure I made a terrible mess of myself, and I had a very pleasant paddle home. It was nearly sunset when I got back to the car and got my boat loaded. I hope everyone is well, and you’re enjoying the free PornHub video selection. I’ll be uploading more, as time allows. I expect to have the video from this trip uploaded soon.

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First Mud Video on PornHub

I don’t suppose it’s the first mud video ever on PornHub. It may not even be the first of my mud videos on PornHub, but it’s the first one I put there. I’ve got some other videos uploaded, but they are “clean” stuff. I’ve posted about them on my other blog.

This is a brand new video and it’s a long one. I figured it would be a good way to use PornHub because if I put the video on C4S it would be rather expensive, and it’s more like a swamp saga than a themed swamp clip. The clip is from my latest swamp adventure on August 22. If you choose not to watch the entire saga unfold, you can jump ahead. The ending is probably the most pornographic bit.

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New Clip: Wallowing in Blue Laceup Shorts

This is the feature clip from my adventure on July 28, 2019. I put on some cute, blue, front-and-back lacing short shorts and I tied my wrists behind my back to make the struggle more interesting. Of course, I couldn’t resist the urge to tie my genitals to something. First I tied them to my wrists with a rope passed through between my legs, and next I tied them to my ankles.

I managed to go completely under (except the top of my hair), with my wrists tied behind my back. That is impossible in most mud and it’s never easy, but the mud in that particular spot is perfect for immersion. It’s thick enough to hold a body and light enough to allow it to sink without too much of a fight.

I only had one camera rolling on this clip, so it is mostly just 2 long shots from a single point of view. That was a day I went out to explore, so I didn’t take a ton of camera gear. In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t have a lot more weight to drag behind me, and the video turned out pretty good.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Wallowing in Blue Laceup Briefs, 2019-07-28

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Diabolical Mud Predicament

I have, on a couple of occasions in the past, orchestrated scenes where I was tied to some immovable object under the mud. In the best ones, I was barely able to reach the surface for air, and those were like living out my darkest fantasies.

A long time ago, I tied myself such that I had to dive under the mud to untie the knot that was holding me, but it was very tight and my buoyancy was holding tension on it. It took me countless attempts to work it loose and untie it, while barely being able to reach the surface for air between attempts, and often undoing my progress, as the knot would tighten again under the tension.

More recently, I tied myself to a board that I had driven into the thick mud, and that time I could not reach the knot at all. I had assumed I could wiggle the board free, or dive down to untie the knot. It turned out the knot was in thick mud and my legs were in the wrong position to allow me to reach it, even if I could have pushed my hands into the thick mud while bound under the surface with no way to breathe, my fingers would not have had a chance to untie the knot. Wriggling the board free was my last hope, and I nearly exhausted myself before I managed to break it free of the mud.

This past Thursday, I went into the swamp with a mission. I was going to set up one of these scenes and tie myself as deep in the mud as I could go. I took a breathing tube so I would not be deprived of air if I was held beneath the surface, and I made sure I had a knife available to cut myself free. Having planned carefully, I didn’t have any life and death struggles. If I hadn’t taken extra precautions, I wouldn’t be here to tell you about it.

I spent well over an hour getting everything setup and getting tied down three separate times. The deepest I went, I needed the breathing tube to breathe, but I could still get my eyes above the surface, so I could see a bit. The closest I came to being stuck was on the 2nd go, and I had to use the knife to cut a rope. I’m not sure escape would have been possible without a cutting tool.

After all that struggling and near drowning, I spread myself out on top of the mud, still tethered to that immovable board, and had a bit of a pleasure stretch. The video is very long and a bit spotty, since most of the time I couldn’t even get out to move the camera, and I was mostly focused on seeing how close I could get to the edge without going over.

I won’t be keeping this web-site up much longer. It’s taking too much valuable time and sales have been dismal. I’ve been talking about the winding down of this project for a while. I think we’re down to the last season, and the season will be over in a couple months. I’ll be sure to post something as my plans solidify.

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