Madalynn Raye is at it again, but this time she has the upper hand over Doug and shows him what a shitty boss he's been to her. She shoves him to a mud pit and pushes his face down into the thick black gunk, punishing him and leaving him to writhe deep in the woods, all alone.
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AJ Marion Discovers Swamp Mud!
This is AJ's chance to get comfortable in the mud before we do anything more serious. The first segment of this clip is before AJ gets hog-tied and the second segment is after. She is really just having fun and finding out how difficult it is to move in the mud.
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AJ Marion in the pit.
AJ is bound and hooded, and led to a pit in the woods. Her hood is removed and she is forced into the pit. While helplessly struggling in the bottom of the pit, her captor pours in more mud and proceeds to bury her. AJ Marion struggles enthusiastically and protests loudly, but her struggles are in vain. The clip ends with AJ rinsing off the mud in an outdoor shower.
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Madalynn-Raye is "rescued", in this sequel to The Trap, when someone throws her a rope. However, her rescuer turns out to be a creeper who catches her and ties her wrists behind her back. However, Maddy escapes when the creeper gets temporarily stuck in the mud and she runs back, wrists still tied, and gets stuck again in the deep, sucking mud. She struggles violently, but to no avail. She cannot free her wrists, she cannot escape the grip of the muck, and nobody is coming to her rescue.
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Madalynn-Raye has gotten separated from her group when she wanders into a muddy trap. She struggles tirelessly, but she can't defeat the grip of the mud.
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Heather Blake initiates Starh in the clay pit (2014-06-26) Stahr Meets Heather is our latest Clay Pit video. Stahr is a new girl who loves mud, but she'd never experienced anything like the thick, heavy kaolin clay. Heather Blake lures her in by getting her to stand on a pole over the pit, winching her up to her tip-toes, then rolling the pole away. Stahr can't hold on for long, and she drops into the clay, getting instantly stuck in the thick goo.
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You Crazy Bitch, featuring Heather Blake and Victoria Lee, is on-sale now in our clips4sale store and in Heather’s UMD store.

We introduced Madalynn-Raye to the deep swamp in March of 2012. You can read about it, view photos, and a video teaser in my blog. This could be a great year for damsels in mud.

Jenni Meets Heather, we invited Jenni over to audition in the new clay pit and Heather came to help out. They strutted around in shorts and bikini tops and then things got REALLY messy. The entire clip is 26 minutes long, and ends with a cleanup scene in the pond.

We have released “Fugitive” as a clip in our clips4sale store.
The footage for Fugitive was actually shot in April of 2008 as part of a muddy drama we had hoped to complete, but life got in the way and it got shelved. Now, all that muddy footage is available as an instant download, in high definition.