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Heather Blake initiates Starh in the clay pit (2014-06-26)

Stahr Meets Heather is our latest Clay Pit video. Stahr is a new girl who loves mud, but she'd never experienced anything like the thick, heavy kaolin clay. Heather Blake lures her in by getting her to stand on a pole over the pit, winching her up to her tip-toes, then rolling the pole away. Stahr can't hold on for long, and she drops into the clay, getting instantly stuck in the thick goo.

Stahr Meets Heather Video Teaser

You Crazy Bitch, featuring Heather Blake and Victoria Lee, is on-sale now in our clips4sale store and in Heather’s UMD store.

Victoria Lee joined us in 2011 (featured with Heather in “You Crazy Bitch”) and we expect to see more of her in 2012.

We introduced Madalynn-Raye to the deep swamp in March of 2012. You can read about it, view photos, and a video teaser in my blog. This could be a great year for damsels in mud.

You can find all of Heather Blake’s movies, in high definition, in our clips4sale store, or in Heather’s UMD store.

Jenni Makes her Debut

Click the image to the right for a preview clip of Jenni and Heather in the clay.

For more of Jenni’s mud audition, see the trailer page for Jenni’s Audition.


We have released “Fugitive” as a clip in our clips4sale store. The footage for Fugitive was actually shot in April of 2008 as part of a muddy drama we had hoped to complete, but life got in the way and it got shelved. Now, all that muddy footage is available as an instant download, in high definition!

Damsels in Mud, Vol 1 DVD Available on-line for $15.99!

Here at Mudlover.com, we like to see sexy women struggling in deep mud as much as anyone. We took a shot at producing a DVD that we named Damsels in Mud, Vol 1. The DVD features hot women getting very muddy and covered in mud while tightly bound in rope. The DVD was mastered and manufactured in a region-neutral format. This DVD is a commercially manufactured disk; not a DVD-R. It’s in a professionally printed and shrink-wrapped package, so you know you’re getting a DVD that will last as long and play as well as any commercial disk.

Purchase any of our female mud clips as instant downloads from our Clips4Sale store.