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New Clip: Cuffed to Cum

I uploaded a brand new clip to my clip store. It is an excellent masturbation scene that ends with a great orgasm. In this scene, my balls are cuffed to a tree with steel cuffs and there is a chain around the tree and my waist to which my wrists are locked. I am gagged and drooling, and I use my drool as lubrication to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This clip has lots of naked cock and moaning. I can’t watch it without masturbating.

You can find this clip in my Clips4Sale store. Here is a direct link: Cuffed to Cum

New Clip: Cuffed & Drooling in Blue PVC

I really enjoyed shooting this video and it came out pretty good, visually. I was a little disappointed in the auto focus “hunting” every so often, but it mostly got the focus right, which is hard for me to do manually. The real disappointment was the audio. Apparently the microphone battery was low, so there is a very noticeable noise level in the audio that partially obscures the subject and is generally annoying. I uploaded the clip to PornHub anyway, because it is a pretty hot clip.

The main scene in the clip features me, gagged and locked into three pairs of steel cuffs. One pair locks my wrists around a small tree in front of me, another pair is around my ankles and another tree behind me, and the final pair is around my genitals and the tree behind me. The cuff around my genitals holds me to the tree and discourages me from struggling, but I still struggle a lot. The ankle cuffs are really just there in case I rip my genitals off. In that case, I’ll still be locked between two trees with no hope of escape.

By the end of the main scene, I’m very horny and I’m drooling all over myself, so I setup and shoot a little more video where I’m cuffed to another tree and my arms are cuffed behind me. I get some more, sexy camera angles and some great shots of the drool that is now streaming uncontrollably down my chest.

I also included a couple closeups of the PVC shorts without the handcuffs just because I think they are sexy as hell. You can find the video in high definition on PornHub at this link.

Jacked Up! New Clip

In this clip, I get jacked up on my tip-toes, and eventually so I can’t even reach the ground anymore, by my tender genitals. I’m severely gagged and wearing only a latex jockstrap. My wrists are cuffed and locked over the tree and my ankles are tied together. There isn’t much I can do but stand on the tips of my toes and hang by a rope around my genitals. The heavy weight that is jacking me up never gives back any slack, but it takes every millimeter I give it.

There are two segments in this clip. In the first segment, I’m tied facing away from the weight, face down. The weight is pulling my genitals between my legs from behind me. The second segment is much worse because my genitals are being pulled up in front of me and I am cuffed to the tree facing the weight. In my struggles, I lift my feet off the ground and find I cannot put them back.

There are some great closeups of my bound feet, and my tortured balls. The gag is a large leather, mouth-filling gag that is very effective.

Here is a direct link to this clip in my clip store: Jacked Up, 2019-07-07