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Experimental CBT with a Winch

On Thanksgiving, it was just warm enough to step outside in a t-shirt and bikini briefs and explore an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. It took me a few weeks to gather all the parts I needed to build a winch control with a remote so I could tie myself up and still operate the winch.

In this little experiment, my wrists were cuffed to a tree (leather cuffs with a chain around the tree). My genitals were tied to a rope that was threaded through the winch hook and tied back to my ankles that were also bound together. The idea was that, as the winch cable was reeled in, my body would be picked up by my ankles and genitals as I was stretched hard against my wrist cuffs.

Originally, as I was setting up the winch and controls, I wasn’t planning on recording the experiment. I really just wanted to know how it would feel. However, I decided it wouldn’t be that much trouble to set up a single video camera to document how it went.

When I started, I used a chain attached to my safety belt (around my waist), to redirect some of the force on my cock and balls. The rope from my genitals passed first through the chain, which redirected some of the pull to my waist belt. After my initial test, I decided I’d give it a shot with a straight pull off my genitals. Although I don’t think I could stay suspended for more than a few minutes, I was able to tolerate having my hips lifted completely off the ground without crossing the threshold from good pain to bad pain. I’m not going to tell you it didn’t hurt, and I was stretched so tightly, there was no way I could have escaped without loosening the cable. Even though my cuffs weren’t locked on, I couldn’t move my wrists enough to undo the straps on my leather cuffs. All I would have to do, to make this a real predicament would be to set up a timed release and drop the winch remote control.

I might try to get someone to help me reshoot this scene, because it would be really fun to do it with another person in control of the winch. The scene could definitely last a lot longer if the winch cable was run up tight for a minute or two, then loosened enough that I could recover, then tightened again, etc. It would be especially good if my helper was a sadist.

I made a short edit of the video and put it on PornHub for everyone to check out.

Messing with a Block & Tackle

I have been experimenting with this idea for a few days. The concept is pretty simple. I have my genitals tied behind me, my ankles tied together, and my wrists tied to a block & tackle. There is a 30lb (13.5kg) weight suspended and waiting to haul in the line on the block and tackle. Once I get my wrists tied to the pulley block, I release the weight and it pulls my wrists up and away until I can’t move any more because the rope around my genitals is holding me back.

What makes this situation unique is that, for most of my ties, the tightener only takes up the slack in the line. In this case, the heavy weight with a 5 to 1 mechanical advantage doesn’t just take up the slack, it exerts a significant force that translates to a harsh and unrelenting pull on my genitals. I can’t pull my wrists back because the weight is too heavy, but even if I could, I’d have to rely on my genitals to anchor me, so whatever force I apply to pulling back the pulley, is applied to my genital rope. When I say this bind was really tight, I’m not exaggerating at all.

In a setup like this, gravity is your captor. It works to entrap and tighten you, but gravity doesn’t run in reverse and you can’t turn it off. I couldn’t help thinking that nobody would find me there if I couldn’t find a way to escape on my own. The ropes around my wrists were too tight to slip out and the perpetual pull of the weight would not allow me to loosen them.

The rope around my genitals was painfully tight and it was a constant reminder of just how helpless I was to improve my situation. My original escape plan was to release my wrists, but the knot was pulled out of reach. With my ankles tied, there was simply nothing I could do. Things sure weren’t looking good for me, but I should have known this day would come. I’ve been doing self bondage for decades, and eventually, I was bound to make a mistake.