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New Messy Clip

A Perilous Plight in Peat is a clip that I shot in the swamp, but I decided to put it in my By The Balls store because I am very obviously caught by my balls. I should note that I have posted content similar to this in my mud quicksand store in the past. When I created my new, male bondage store, I moved the clean bondage clips from my muddy store, but left the muddy bondage stuff there, because there is so much of it.

In this clip, I’m wearing some micro briefs that can’t contain my genitals, so my naked genitals are outstretched through most of this clip. Opposing the rope around my genitals is another one around my wrists that is tied off out of reach on the other side of the mud hole. As I am completely unable to escape the sloppy muck, all I can do is struggle to get some relief for my balls and try not to go under. My hips are held up by the rope around my genitals, but my upper body and my head are slowly engulfed by the black mud.

Direct link to the clip in my “By The Balls” clip store: A Perilous Plight in Peat, 2019-04-28