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Steel Torment with a Happy Ending

I have posted a new clip that I think is one of the hottest clips I’ve posted in a long time. I am chained in the dungeon, gagged with a ball gag, and sweating madly. My genitals are cuffed to my ankles and chained to the bondage bench. I can move my hips up and down, but that just stimulates my genitals and drives me mad with lust. My wrists are cuffed behind my back so I cannot escape, even though I probably couldn’t escape from the cuffs and chains even if my wrists were free. I am also gagged with a ball gag that is also locked on. I struggle long enough to be drenched in sweat before I am re-positioned for masturbation. Still dripping with sweat, with my wrists cuffed behind me, I manage to stroke my cock to orgasm. The clip ends after I cum.

Link to clip on C4S: Steel Torment in the Dungeon, 2020-06-24

New Clips and Preview/Teaser

I have three new clips that should be available very soon. They would be available now if C4S were not having technical difficulties. In the meantime, you can watch a preview on PornHub.

The new clips are “Stretched Out“, “Hold Those Legs Up“, and “Bound for Torment“. Click on the name of the clip to view it in the clip store.

In “Stretched Out”, John’s balls are tugged up from behind when he pulls down on his wrists. His ankles are chained.

In “Hold Those Legs Up”, his ankles are tied to the rope around his genitals so he cannot lower his ankles without tugging on his balls. I this one, John is wearing tiny, tight jean shorts that make the harness on his cock & balls even more painful. This video might also be a favorite among foot fetishists, as it has lots of closeups of John’s dirty, bare, bound feet.

John is naked in “Bound for Torment”, and he is tethered by his genitals to a square post in a most unforgiving and vulnerable position. The second half of the video finds John still tethered but with enough freedom of movement that he can masturbate himself to orgasm.

In the first two videos, John is gagged with a strict, mouth-filling panel gag. In the last video, he is gagged with a red ball gag that is pulled tight into his mouth and locked on so he cannot push it out or remove it.

New Clip: Winched into Submission

There is an abbreviated, teaser version of this clip on PornHub, so you may want to check that out. Here is the link for the full version: Winched into Submission, 2020-06-04

In this clip, I am ball gagged and my wrists are tied so that I cannot escape as long as I can’t reach around the tree, and I cannot do that because I am stretched out by a winch attached to my genitals. The briefs I am wearing are so tiny, they really only function as a ball splitter. My poor cock and balls are twisted and tugged without mercy. I suffer through 5 torturous ties from which I am helpless to escape. Finally, I am allowed to masturbate to orgasm.

This clip could have been much longer, because I was forced to endure each position for much longer than is shown in the video. However, the video would have been very long if I included each scene in its entirety. I think the edited version is more fun to watch and you can cum with me at the end!

New Clip: A Perilous Self Bondage

This bondage takes place on/in the frame of an old mobile home. I really wanted to take advantage of this setup while it was available, and I had an idea that I knew was going to be very tricky. I don’t suggest trying this without someone nearby to help you out; the escape was precarious at best.

In the scene, I am using three weights that I toss over the edge of the metal i-beams such that they will keep me stretched out, and I can’t lift the weights over the edge of the beam, so I can’t pull myself free. Well, the idea I had for escaping was that I could lift one of the weights holding my wrists if I could get into an upright position and pull as much slack as possible from the opposing wrist tie. That was a tenuous proposition, but what made it really risky was the chance that I wouldn’t be able to get back into an upright sitting position because the weight pulling my genitals was pulling me under the cross member that I needed to sit on.

It was a challenge, and I was able to escape; just barely, because the weight pulling on my cock and balls didn’t pull as hard as it might have, if the rings tied to it hadn’t gotten caught on their way over the edge. The struggle was great, and the possibility that I might not be able to escape was a real turn on (although I had arranged for someone to set me free if I got really stuck).

Link to the clip in my clip store: A Perilous Self Bondage, 2020-05-25

New Clip: The Keyring Tease

In The Keyring Tease, I am bound in the dungeon, wearing only PVC briefs. My ankles are hoisted by a rope that is also tied to my cock and balls, so that I tug my tender genitals when I pull down on my ankles. I am gagged in a strict leather gag, and my wrists are locked behind the bondage bench so I have no hope of reaching the keys that are dangling in front of my face.

At the end of the clip, I am allowed to masturbate to orgasm.

There is a preview/teaser on my PornHub channel, and also on the clip in my clip store. The full clip has much more of the struggle and more masturbation.

New Clip: Outdoor CBT with a Happy Ending

Here is some Christmas bondage for you. I was really in a tight bind in this clip. Having my genitals roped tightly to a tree root was one thing, but then my ankles were pulled up, which just made everything a lot tighter. With my wrists cuffed behind me and a ball gag in my mouth, I just had to struggle through. It was pretty exciting and I got to have my way with myself at the end. You can read more about the clip on Clips4Sale. Here is a link: Outdoor CBT with a Happy Ending, 2019-12-25.

New Clip: Three Way Genital Tie

This is a different style of genital bondage. My balls are tied to all three legs of the tripod so I cannot move in any direction without tugging on my balls. My wrists are in locking cuffs, secured to a chain over my head, my ankles are cuffed and I am gagged.

There is nowhere to go and there is nowhere to rest. The ropes are squeezing and pulling on my genitals and all I can do is moan and drool. I do my best to find relief by standing on one foot or the other, but this is a real predicament and there are no good options.

You can purchase this clip from my clip store here: Three Way Genital Tie, 2019-11-11

New Clip: Cuffed to Cum

I uploaded a brand new clip to my clip store. It is an excellent masturbation scene that ends with a great orgasm. In this scene, my balls are cuffed to a tree with steel cuffs and there is a chain around the tree and my waist to which my wrists are locked. I am gagged and drooling, and I use my drool as lubrication to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This clip has lots of naked cock and moaning. I can’t watch it without masturbating.

You can find this clip in my Clips4Sale store. Here is a direct link: Cuffed to Cum

Harnessed & Tethered

On November 11, I took advantage of the warm weather and headed into the woods wearing my leather bondage harness and my favorite jean cutoffs. When I arrived at the tree where I would be chained, I stripped off my cutoffs and got down to business.

In the ensuing scene, I start out gagged, harnessed and chained to the tree, with my wrists locked to my collar. Everything is padlocked, so there is no opportunity for escape. Next, a rope is added to my genitals that opposes my harness tether, further restricting my movement. After a few minutes, the genital tie is tightened, leaving me very little room to move, and very frustrated that I cannot break free. Finally, I my wrists are freed and I am chained to the tree by my neck. My harness, gag and collar are still locked in place, but I am able to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This video is available for free streaming on PornHub right now!