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New Clip: Three Way Genital Tie

This is a different style of genital bondage. My balls are tied to all three legs of the tripod so I cannot move in any direction without tugging on my balls. My wrists are in locking cuffs, secured to a chain over my head, my ankles are cuffed and I am gagged.

There is nowhere to go and there is nowhere to rest. The ropes are squeezing and pulling on my genitals and all I can do is moan and drool. I do my best to find relief by standing on one foot or the other, but this is a real predicament and there are no good options.

You can purchase this clip from my clip store here: Three Way Genital Tie, 2019-11-11

New Clip: Cuffed to Cum

I uploaded a brand new clip to my clip store. It is an excellent masturbation scene that ends with a great orgasm. In this scene, my balls are cuffed to a tree with steel cuffs and there is a chain around the tree and my waist to which my wrists are locked. I am gagged and drooling, and I use my drool as lubrication to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This clip has lots of naked cock and moaning. I can’t watch it without masturbating.

You can find this clip in my Clips4Sale store. Here is a direct link: Cuffed to Cum

Harnessed & Tethered

On November 11, I took advantage of the warm weather and headed into the woods wearing my leather bondage harness and my favorite jean cutoffs. When I arrived at the tree where I would be chained, I stripped off my cutoffs and got down to business.

In the ensuing scene, I start out gagged, harnessed and chained to the tree, with my wrists locked to my collar. Everything is padlocked, so there is no opportunity for escape. Next, a rope is added to my genitals that opposes my harness tether, further restricting my movement. After a few minutes, the genital tie is tightened, leaving me very little room to move, and very frustrated that I cannot break free. Finally, I my wrists are freed and I am chained to the tree by my neck. My harness, gag and collar are still locked in place, but I am able to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This video is available for free streaming on PornHub right now!

Cruel Hogtie Suspension

I released a new clip on PornHub of me in an intense hog-tie suspension. I am lifted off the floor by my wrists, ankles and genitals. I am wearing only PVC briefs. I am gagged and my cuffs are all locked on so there can be no escape.

The clip ends with me masturbating to orgasm. You can find the video using this link.

A New Clip and Another Experiment

I spent about 3 hours shooting a “Trailer Park Tease” video in which I get chained up in cruel and revealing ways while wearing a cropped white t-shirt and obscenely short jean cutoffs. Actually, the cutoffs get lost for the 2nd to last scene, so I’m naked from my t-shirt down. The closing shot is a sloppy masturbation in chains scene that ended in a mess.

As I mentioned, the clip took some time to shoot and more time to edit. I had to go back and shorten it twice, because it was just getting too long. The final full length version is just over 17 minutes. It could easily have been 30 minutes long, but that would have been too much. I actually like the pacing of the short version I put on PornHub that is just under 7 minutes long. I tried something new on PornHub. I didn’t offer the clip for free streaming, but rather set a price of $1.99 for the short version, and I guess it’s available for free to premium PornHub members.

I uploaded the full version to clips4sale, in case anyone wants to see 17 minutes of the Trailer Park Tease getting ruined. The actual name of the clip is “Trailer Park Tease Gets Ruined”. It seemed appropriate. Here is the direct link: Trailer Park Tease Gets Ruined, 2019-10-11

Experimental Genital Bondage

I was experimenting with a new idea for being trapped by my genitals. In this experiment, I had a chain around my genitals that went under a root and locked to a strap that was also locked around my genitals. I would say the experiment was a success. You can watch some video I shot of my experiment on PornHub. Here is a direct link.

The video was shot as a proof of concept as I was experimenting with how to configure the restraints. The light was good, so the video came out nice. However, the editing was a bit of a rush job. I hope you like it. The images you see here came from the video.

New Clip: On The Chain

In this clip, I am gagged and cuffed in red short shorts. My wrist cuffs are locked to the chain, and my genitals are also locked to the chain. I have a mouth filling gag and I’m jacked up on my tip-toes by the strap around my genitals. I can still swing around and spin on the chain, and lift my feet up off the ground. However, I cannot escape. So, for the duration of this clip, I dance around within my limited range and the chain teases and torments my cock and balls without mercy.

I really enjoyed making this video. I felt sexy, swiveling my hips and wriggling my ass to tease myself on the chain. Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: On The Chain, 2019-07-30

New Clip: Tormented by Biting Flies

I’m not sure if that title is appealing, but the flies were real and they motivated me to squirm a lot and try to escape, even though that wasn’t possible. Those green eyed bastards really hurt when they bite! If it weren’t for the flies, I think the title would have had something to do with how dirty I was.

So, I’m ball-gagged, barefooted, dirty, and handcuffed by my wrists and my genitals. My wrists are chained to one tree, and my balls are chained to an overhead limb in addition to being cuffed to a root. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the flies hadn’t forced me to squirm so much.

This is a pretty hot clip. It has closeups, wide shots, medium shots, and great audio; not to mention the crazy steel bondage and sincere struggle, with lots of associated moaning and muted cries for help. To be honest; if I could have escaped and slapped the bejeezus out of those flies, I would have, but I wasn’t getting out of those handcuffs and my genitals were locked down tight.

I’m not exactly sure if I enjoyed making this clip. In a way, it’s fun to want to escape and discover that you really can’t. On the other hand, I hate biting flies and I’m religiously apposed to letting them have my blood. I do think this clip is fun to watch, and I’m glad I made it. I’ll be even more happy about making it if someone buys it. Here is a direct link to the clip in my clip store, if you’re interested: Tormented by Biting Flies, 2019-06-11

Shooting Solo is Challenging

For those of you who don’t already know, I shoot at least half of my content solo. That means getting myself in and out of the bondage, but also setting up multiple cameras to capture multiple, simultaneous camera angles. I shoot with 2-4 cameras. More often than not, at least one camera doesn’t get what I wanted. I generally prefocus the cameras, and of course I have to frame the shot using mostly my imagination because I can’t be tied up in the shot until all of the cameras are setup and rolling.

This weekend, I revisited an old idea to retrofit a linear actuator on my jib and figure out how to preprogram it to move the camera to get body pans and closeups at various levels. In the past, I’d gotten stuck on how to programmatically determine the position of the jib arm. I could find no way to affix a potentiometer that would measure the angle of the arm, and timing the up/down motion seemed too imprecise. I finally thought of a reliable way to determine the vertical position of the camera, so I set about attaching the actuator and wiring the actuator controls to an Arduino. I hooked up an old joystick that I could use to move the actuator arm and program the desired stops into the Arduino memory.

I needed to have designated stops because the actuator makes too much noise to just let it pan up and down. I programmed the system to move from stop to stop and pause for 40 seconds to get some video without motor noise from the actuator. For the most part, the experiment was a success, but I really need to start from scratch, building a jib arm that is designed for multi-axis computer control. I could go on for paragraphs about the features I’d like to build into my automated camera operator, but let’s have a look at an edited video from today’s test shot.

I prefocused the camera for this video test and I didn’t quite get it right. If I had used the camera’s autofocus, it may have decided to focus on the background half way through and I would have had an unusable clip. Although this was a quick test, it was still a lot of work, setting up equipment, chaining myself to a post, and trying not to gag on the really strict gag while struggling and waiting for the camera to run through it’s cycles. I didn’t do a great job editing it, but I think it came out alright, considering that I was using only one camera and there was no camera operator. If I had done this for a real clip, there would be at least one other camera to get a wider shot, and possibly a nice side shot. I hope you enjoy the free video.

I think my next challenge will be to fix the noise problem. I really like the shots where the camera is slowly panning over the body.

Working on ideas

Sometimes, I am just experimenting with ideas for my next video. When I’m figuring out a new scene, I have to consider how it’s going to look on camera. Some really great predicaments don’t translate to a great video. If I know I’m going to have help shooting a scene, I don’t need to concern myself with how I’m going to escape, so I have more options. When I’m shooting solo, I need to be able to get into and out of the bondage, but also I need to be able to preset the cameras to capture the action. Sometimes that works out well, other times I don’t get exactly what I envisioned. The nice thing about bondage scenes is that I can repeat a scene if need to.

So, this morning, I got chained to a post for some snapshots, to see how it might look in a video. I think I’ll have to be on my knees with my arms locked behind the pole, above my head. I’ll probably also need to wait for my camera person to be available, since I’m not sure how I’d escape without help.